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  1. poker2

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    I just spent all my $$ on my setup. I do not have nutes but have this fertilizer I used in an old G.R0\/\/. It is "All Purpose" Vegetable fertilizer.

    I would think 20-20-20 would be too strong? But If I dilute and do a few feeding would it be okay? Or am I better off using nothing?
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    I use a very, very weak 20-20-20 granular fertilizer (mixed with water); after week #3 of vegging & a transplant.

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  3. poker2

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    ^Your plants seem very nice. So they take that fert. fine? Do they get nute burn or can they handle it?
    Are you able to "flush" them out or do they leave an after taste or affect the quality of the final product?
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    any plant can get nute burn. underfed is better than overfed

    I am unconcerned about taste. The strain will take care of that.
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  5. poker2

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    Haha, good point. I'm just concerned about it not being good.. but since it "Vegetable" Fertilizer I would think it should be fine? I only used it once and the final product wouldn't really stay lit in a jay. (And I did flush x4/x5 the pots capacity). Was this a curing issue do you believe?

    Anyhow, this is probably what I'll use for now :).
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  6. IntrepidSavage

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    I don't think it matters what the fertilizer was meant for or how strong. Fertilizer is just fertilizer. If it is stronger, dilute more. If weaker, dilute less. I would just super dilute it if I were you, way easier to fix underfed plants than burnt. Problem is those general fertilizers dont have the micro nutes you want. I make my own fertilizer at home. I follow the recipes of Gil Carandang, he's got a new site with all of them on it. The huge bonus is that these are basically free, just takes a little time to make. I use the fish fertilizer one the most, its awesome cause it has all the micro nutes you want, and feeds the microbes that feed the plant. Awesome stuff. Anyway here's a link to that page: fish fertilizer. I love this guy's stuff, seriously everything I've tried from there has been gold. At this point the only store bought fertilizer I use is a super cheap super basic 10-10-10. A tiny bit of that the whole grow, then using all Gil's recipes through each stage. Love it, so much fun. Product tastes amazing.

    Regarding your last grow, I'd say that was a curing issue. If it keeps going out its just too wet, didn't cure long enough.
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  7. Shovelhandle

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    the nutrient numbers for NPK are not equal from product to product, not even close sometimes. Check it out, I gotta go.
  8. tlranger

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    After your bucks, be careful with the chem, they can eat you.

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