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    After talking to a few people, I noticed I should start using fertilizer. My plant is magic bud paradise and its been growing for about 3-4 weeks now. I was told to use a nitrogen based fert. Right now at my house I found something called:

    Schultz: 19-31-17


    Vigoro: All Purpose Plant food 19-6-12

    Any of these good for me right now? Let me know. Thanks
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    it is a good time to start fertilizing pkash and if you've already got those handy use the vigoro 19-6-12. it's higher in nitrogen,the first #, than the shultz 19-31-17, which is higher in phosphorous,the second#, and is usually used in the flowering phase,not the veg phase.start out using the fertilizer at 1/2 the amount the directionscall for,and only use it no more often than every other watering so you don't overfertilize.good luck,'Buz
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    The fert I have are like little balls. It says to just sprinkle some on the top of the soil, is that ok? I thought I had to mix it with water. But I guess this is fine too?
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    Hey Guys.. I heard from some people that Time Released Fert isnt good. The only thing I have right now is:

    Vigoro: All Purpose Plant food 19-6-12

    Is it ok if I use this for a while until I have time to go out and get better fert? Let me know.
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    I would suggest getting some Miracle Grow all purpose plant food. Another thing you can do is add some of your urine to the water. However, use the urine carefully and in small quantities or you could burn your plants.

    Happy Toking :Rasta:

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