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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by livinlegend215, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. livinlegend215

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    Hey i'm new in this forum, just sayin what's up everyone?!

    And i also have a question...I have a fever (101.4 degrees F) and I really wanna smoke a fat j, so I was wondering...is it bad for you to smoke weed while having a fever?
  2. birdgirl73

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    I think I vaguely remember reading someplace that THC has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antipyritic (anti-fever) properties in lab mice. This is great news for mice with fevers and inflammatory bacterial infections. A lot of folks here want to directly translate that to mean that whole cannabis must then be great for everything that ails people, but that's not a logical conclusion from its results in lab mice.

    My hunch is that it's probably not a big deal from a fever-exacerbation standpoint. If you're wanting to smoke a fattie, just make sure you drink plenty of extra fluid because smoking of any kind is dehydrating, and cannabis is especially that way. When your body's hot because it's using fever to bolster its immune response, you just want to make sure you're not letting yourself get too dry. Hope you feel better!
  3. Storm Crow

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  4. Purple Banana

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    I LOVE smoking when I'm sick, because it gets rid of that horrible flu-like feeling, helps with my congestion, eliminates the nausea, and makes me feel much more comfortable.

    Like BG said, drink plenty of electrolyte-laced fluids, and have a bowl :D
  5. Jay Matix

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    I was just going to ask a similar question.

    I just got a cold or maybe the flu (fever/muscle aches/congestion/headache/nausia/minor coughing) and I'm home alone with weed and kind of craving a bowl right now..

    but wouldn't any kind of smoke cause irritation or prolong my sickness?
  6. Iguana

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    Try smoking just enough to make you feel better, but not enough to irritate your lungs.
  7. StealthMasterSolid

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    When I had a cold I hit a couple bowls, and it actually cleared out my sinuses/throat because all the mucus and nasty stuff that was there came out when I coughed, and it felt so much better :thumbsup:
  8. Purple Banana

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    Ugh, I actually got the flu this weekend, and I'm still recovering- I got a chance to smoke last night when my sister actually brought me some home after our fight, and I felt SOOOOO much better. It didn't matter that I had a sore throat and coughing everything up, my bowl went down really smoothly, no coughing from that, so I was happy.
  9. Jay Matix

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    im sure smoking is bad for u when ur coughing shit up...

    I've been sick with the flu for about 5 days! and smoking weed only makes me cough more.. im sure if i didn't smoke I'd be better now.. but not smoking is not an easy task (im addicted).

    all in all don't smoke when ur coughing.. i did and ended up coughing all this nasty brown/black shit up.. wait til ur not coughing to start smoking again... (if u can).. ur only putting more nasty shit in ur lungs to cough back up again (and im sure smoking isn't going to get u healthy quicker if anything it will prolong ur sickness..) im trying not to smoke til i get better
  10. froggomad

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    Coughing up that "brown shit" is better than letting that "brown shit" fester in your lungs. It is good to loosen phlegm when you have chest congestion, it can actually keep you from developing bacterial bronchitis and/or serious pneumonia.

    But don't take my word for it, talk to a doctor or look up some online information from a credible medical website (such as WebMD) :thumbsup:

    Edit: also, if you're coughing up brown phlegm, this *could* be a sign of blood in your mucus, which is never good. It would be best to see a doctor in a case such as this.
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  11. Storm Crow

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    What you should be doing is.......

    Vaporizing! MUCH easier on the lungs than smoking! No more "gluppy" lungs when you vape! Look into getting a Vapor Brother's or other small vaporizer. Mine was $139 and was money well spent! :thumbsup:

    Granny :hippy:
  12. hashhazardly

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    When im sick i still smoke because it is comforting but it feels alot harsher when my throat is affected by the sickness so i always use my smoothest hitting water pipes with ice and light herb. Remember always sterilize your equipment or it will keep you sick. I use a vaporizer now and it is much better when my throat is sore
  13. melodious fellow

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    I know this thread is a bit old, but the information still seems useful/relevant.

    Smoking while sick with chest congestion really doesn't seem like a good idea, but I'm not sure if vaping while sick is bad.

    Granny, you seem very knowledgeable about all of this stuff! Do you use a water attachment with your vaporbros? Is that healthier or just more difficult to keep clean? Would you vape when you have flu or bronchitis or wait until you are better to vape? Have you ever had any breathing issues with the vaporbros?

    hashhazardly makes a good point about sterilizing and keeping equipment clean... but I'm not sure how one could sterilize vaporizer whips.

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