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    1. My mom got her card and they upped her to 24 plants/8 ounces. Im assumin when i get mine ill get that too as my pain and issuez are worst. So if we both are 24 plants is that 12 mature 12 imature or 24 mature each

    2. Our plan is to grow. Right now where in a condo in granbi so not gonna be able to grow here. My thoughts is rent a cheap house or trailer for the grow. Can ihave mygrow at a house or property im renting if i dont live there. Also can i rent a commercial property for the grow if its my personal grow and im not selling it out the building. And would it matter if i was to become someones caregiver.

    3rd. Ok if my card says 24 plants/8 ounces and im growin my max plants what do i do when i harvest and have more then the max ounces. I was told im allowed to have what my plamts grow at my grow. Which i take it to meanif i grow X number plants and harvest say 5 pounds i can have the five pounds at my grow or house
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    12 mature EACH (so 24 total)

    Most cheap housing in the area says specifically "No Growing" but not all. Yes, you can grow outside your residence, HOWEVER, you can only have YOUR LIMIT or what YOUR PLANTS PRODUCE at your residence, now keep in mind, that this isn't very closely regulated yet, and all that is about to change in November (new taxes coming into effect for regulation)

    Hope this helps :)
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    What about growing for our use in a commercial building. Figure it wouls give a better space and electrical set up
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    ^ I'm not sure if this is what your talking about but I wonder if someone could rent some grow space at a professional grow warehouse that would feed them and provide the lights, etc. when your out of town. I think I've heard of this for med grows in med states but not sure what the rule's will be non med grow. Could be great opportunity for some industrious entrepreneur. :)
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    Thats a GROW op, and I haven't seen many around.
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    I know of a few LARGE warehouse grows in the Denver area that do "sublet" space to growers. It's possible, but I'm not sure where they network to fill their spaces. Grab some of the local publications and give them a good look.
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    I too have some of these same questions and have received several different answers from various bud tenders and dispensary owners.

    First, I have 12plant/4oz on my rec, however I have read that legally this means nothing. Simply put, if you get arrested for growing more than 6 plants or having more than 2 oz, then your doctor will testify in court that you needed more. That said, I have found a few dispensaries that honor this and will sell me up to 4oz at a time.

    It's pretty confusing over all but basically I have gathered this... Assuming you do not have a registered caregiver, if two people are registered to the same address, they can each grow their allotted amount of plants at that address, assuming it is not commercial, as a lot of cities and counties have prevented caregivers and dispensaries from growing or providing medicine to patients. This also assumes that there is nothing in your lease preventing it, many landlords do not allow growing.

    Not sure how the commercial building would work, You'd likely have to be a registered caregiver and start a grow op... you might want to look into this: Club 64 - The fiirst Members Only Club to Operate in Colorado.. not the same as the Club64 where the have events to smoke and hang out, this place claims to basically be a rental grow room provider.

    The max oz thing is again a little confusing, from what I've been told, you can have your max oz amount on your person at anytime. And it does not really apply to what you have harvested from your grow. Just keep a grow log, or at the very least a log of what you harvest when, and you can store as much dried product as you want in your home.

    And as other have said, between you and your mother, if you each had 24 plant count, technically combined that would be 24 mature at one time(12 for each of you)
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