Fill my bong with what?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jaGerbom, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. jaGerbom

    jaGerbom Registered+

    in your opinion what is the best thing to put in ur bong? just plain water, fruit juice, add the ice, beer, VODKA?, i dunno have tried that last one haha

    but yeh give an opinion on the best shit to put in ur bong
  2. Mr. TBAGU 420

    Mr. TBAGU 420 Registered+

    The best liquid to put in your bong would have to be either ice cold water or really, really hot water. Besides that, i think grape juice is the shit. :smokin:
  3. 69JIM69

    69JIM69 Registered+

    Put some water in it with a goldfish that is always fun then name the goldfish bongwater or something and let it live a full healthy high life. What etlse would a goldfish ask for
  4. shovlboy

    shovlboy Registered+

    Ice cold water is my favorite way. if its small enough i like to put my pipes in the freezer for a little. make sure you dont keep it in to long tho..or fill it with warm water after freezing it. The glass might crack.

    I like to stick to the original, and not interfeer with the flavor of the bud
  5. LuckyNiner

    LuckyNiner Registered+

    The good old motherfucking H20. Will you have it heated or chilled? With ice or without? I must recommend the fond combination of steaming hot water and a stack of ice.
  6. moorephened

    moorephened Registered+

    I think, I'm not sure, that THC is soluble in alcohol so I wouldn’t recommend any alcoholic beverage.

    Besides that’s a waste of good vodka.

    Just use water.

    Cold water: cools the smoke.

    Hot water: more effectively filters the impurities.
  7. Benny Beanstalk

    Benny Beanstalk Registered+

    go canadian style with ol' maple syrup, it'll strengthen your lungs and catch all the nasty ashes.

    have fun cleaning your bong too!
  8. i could never get high with vodka in the bong, my brother just had to do it sometimes, and i would get shit for a high everytime too....
  9. jaGerbom

    jaGerbom Registered+

    yeah i dont plan on puttin alchy in my bong....seems like the hits would be wierd and like someone else said...waste of alchohol
  10. InTheJungle

    InTheJungle Registered+

    Apparently from what I've heard from others on this forum, Vodka in bong = puke. Generates some of the dirtiest tasting smoke and leaves you not feeling 100%, and imo, that's the opposite of what blazing is for. :)

    For me, I just put cold water. The hits are much smoother. Change that water as often as possible though. Have fun!
  11. LIP

    LIP Banned

    any liquor ie: vodka/brandy/whiskey/rum shouldnt be used in a bong because it'll take out some of the THC. you'll still get high as the liquor has to be hot to get all the THC out, but whats the point in wasting good liquor and good THC???... you loose out both ways with that.
  12. iamburnt

    iamburnt Registered+

    i filled my bong with...grape juice...vault energy soda...and of course water...they all worked just as good...vault tasted so good
  13. oturbojoeo4o

    oturbojoeo4o Registered+

    i put crushed ice and some filtered water....

    when it snowed i just pack it full of snow...

    ive never tried hot water yet but i like the non choking effect that ice cold water gives you...i can inhale so much more.

    ive been using those tasty puffs! i love them, ive recently been putting a couple drops directly in the water...that works wonders!

    i use watermelon flavor :)

    i smoke mj from my bong more than anything else, i hate not having it with me when im away...inormally a fat ass blunt would be a substitute

    i empty the bong water after everyuse...and i add one drop of dish soap and then water and shake it around, then i put a paper towel in the end and i store it upside down so all the remaining water drops would be soaked in the cloth...just me
  14. D1me

    D1me Registered+

    just had an idea. so thc is alcohol soluble right? then if you drunk the vodka after smokin a few bowls through it, you would get a brownie strength high right?
  15. miraz

    miraz Registered+

    I like 2 packets of the single koolaid cherry packs. I suggest those. Or if you want more flavor add more than two packs.
  16. IamTheWalrus

    IamTheWalrus Registered+

    note to self dont waste alcohol by using as bong water......Ill deffintily keep that in mind, I dont know why I didnt think of that before!:confused: :p
  17. jay42

    jay42 Registered+

    i like windex or maybe paint thinner.
  18. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    Putting hard alcohol in your bong is not the smnartest thing to do, seeing as that one with practice, like myself, can blow a huge fireball with JD. It's flammable, and a lung full of fire is well, not good.

    I put dry rice in my bong. It doesn't cool the hits, but it makes them smoother.
  19. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    Dont put anything but water in there. You hear me son?! NOTHING BUT H2o!
  20. someuser

    someuser Registered+

    Just the thought of drinking used bong alcohol 'water' made me puke just a little in the back of my mouth.... That is the worst idea I ever heard :stoned:

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