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    From the growing fields in the magnificent mountains of British Columbia to the back streets and cafes of Amsterdam, explore the mythology, history and politics of cannabis.

    Through the visions and analysis of filmmaker Daryl Verville and the people he meets along the way, experience the mythic journey and the mystery of The Naked Queen...

    Rating: STC - Not rated yet
    Running Time: 88 minutes
    Genre: Documentary
    Release Date: Thu 12 Apr

    The Edmonton showings are April 27 and 28th, 7 and 9 pm, at the Metro Cinema.
    There are a thousand DVD's already made and will be available for sale at the movies.
    Metro Cinema: Naked Queen

    Debbie and I are traveling to Edmonton on April 27 for the 8:00 PM showing. Some friends in Edmonton, Peace River and Grand Prairie are meeting us for some food and medication before we all go to the see the film.

    We had planned to stay over night but a family related issue has come up and we will have to travel back to Calgary right after the film is finished.

    Additionally I will purchase some DVD's (5) and give away a few as prizes at Calgary cannabis events.

    Hope to meet some new people as well.

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    Here is the full Film

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