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Discussion in 'Iowa (IA)' started by SocksThaClown, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. SocksThaClown

    SocksThaClown Registered+

    Is there a way i could find a local headshop in centerville? Or anywhere close?:confused:
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  2. D.Boone

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    dont kno where centerville is but i doubt they have a headshop iowa city has few headshops downtown if u dont mind driving and i know des moines has a couple
  3. SocksThaClown

    SocksThaClown Registered+

    centerville is pretty close to missouri(maybe a few miles). but ill have to go to iowa city or something.
  4. cracclx

    cracclx Registered+

    You might be able to find one in ottumwa. Theres a pawn shop down on Gateway Dr. where I bought a couple pipes. But they could be gone by now.
  5. MrMR

    MrMR Registered+

    what can you get from a head shop? seeds?
  6. LivegreenLovelife

    LivegreenLovelife Registered

    Omaha has about 5 headshops that kick ass :Rasta: just go through council bluffs

    EDDY HUMPS-in the hood- it's on like 24th and leavenworth
    COOL STUFF- thats on Jackson
    RETRO thats in the old market
    WEIRD & WILD STUFF Also on leavenworth
    GYOSTROPICS-customs not sure what street it's on

    all in all that's closer than IOWA CITY
  7. New To Omaha

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    I'm new to Omaha and it's 4:19!

    I need some help--please drop me a line at

    Thanks a million!
  8. Tranquility

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    des moines southridge mall 2 shops one is called etc treasures and the other is called canton.

    other then that try daydreams in des moines on university right by drake university and planet sub lol. They don't got pipes and shit but they got all kinds of papers, blunt wraps, digi's and apparel.

    hope this helps yo.

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