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Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by potsmokingnome, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. potsmokingnome

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    I'm sure most people know about Finger hash, but upto about a week ago I had no idea how simple it was to make :D My x's new roomate showed me how to make it super easy :D get all your collected keif, and put it on the back of a business card, then boil water, and when it starts to steam put the card in the steam, and then as it melt just a bit, you can take it out of the steam and shape it into finger hash, that will get ya so stoned :D I'm sure most people know about this though ;)
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  2. smoke it

    smoke it Registered+

    never heard of it, but its a damn good idea.
  3. memoryburner

    memoryburner Registered+

    i second that
  4. jaGerbom

    jaGerbom Registered+

    yeah that sounds pretty cool im gonna try it once i get enough keif
  5. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Can you smoke straight up finger hash or will it melt too much? I'm waiting on herb and have a TON of kief, so I'm thinking I will try this...
  6. mattks1

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    i almost tried this method but didnt wanna risk losing my kif so i tried something a little different. i wrapped the kif in a couple pieces of wax paper and pressed it a few times in a table vice. while i was pressing it i had a torch lighter underneath it heating it a little bit (dont know if that helped or not). only thing that f*d up was i pressed the vice too hard and some of the wax paper had to be peeled off the hash(i think that was due to the vice having small grip teeth on it). but yea, it became pliable and i rolled it into a ball and smoked that shit. in the end i should have just packed the kif on top of my bizowl like normally do, but i like a little change in routine every once in a while.
  7. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    Yep when you form the finger hash press it hatd together, and then it will form hash when it hardens (doesn't take long to harden ;) ) and break off what you wanna smoke, only need a bit at a time just like normal hash :D
  8. vileoxidation

    vileoxidation Registered+

    Awesomeness. Thanks!
  9. jaGerbom

    jaGerbom Registered+

    i thought finger hash was when u work with large amounts of weed and u end up with a buncha keif on ur fingers, than u roll the keif off ur fingers into some hash?
  10. xLIbluntsmokeNYx

    xLIbluntsmokeNYx Registered+

    thats what i thought lol
  11. station

    station Registered+

    my definition of "finger hash" is taking a bunch of crystal outta your buster and compressing it down till its into a small dark lil hash ball. then ya smoke it LOL
  12. Shmoe123

    Shmoe123 Registered

    its a little vague to me sry, can u describe it some more?
  13. dylan

    dylan Registered+

    Ya, me too. at least that's what I call finger hash.
  14. potsmokingnome

    potsmokingnome Registered+

    actually I no longer use this method for makin "finger hash" its just easier to compress the keif with your fingers. Personally now when I wanna smoke my keif I don't even compress it, i just collect it in a small container, and then use a jack knife to scoop it out into the bowl of my lung (that I made from a cut off top of a pop bottle, and attached a bread bag to it usin packing tape, and cut a small hole in the bottle cap that I put a bowl into) that way I only have to smoke a tiny bit of keif to get high as all hell!! :D
  15. Nathan604

    Nathan604 Registered+

    yeah i made a fat gram and half of it using my kif box las night:)
  16. russ-bob

    russ-bob Registered+

    Yea bro... thats what it is in nor cal here but i think in other less green areas finger hash refers to random keif/ filth pressed into a lil ball lol.... i wont even smoke finger hash.... filth.... skin+ trichs =mmmmmm cancer lol:stoned:
  17. pass_the_dubbie

    pass_the_dubbie Registered+

    For me finger hash is when ive been smoking a good bit and a lot of hash well keif i suppose is stuck on my thumb and first finger(sp? hungover and the word looks weird). I usually just lick my finger or thumb and put the hash into a joint, I think im gonna start collecting keif now since I always have a shit load of it but it's usually packed and sent on its way...over the hashy hils and into the endo cloud...
  18. bogoljub777

    bogoljub777 Registered+

    heat addition to hash

    hello everyone. another way to add heat to keif is to heat up water, then take your keif, put in a plastic bag, and dip the bag in the water, of course not letting the water touch the keif.

    this is a good idea, but a bit of a problem becuase sometimes to keif will stick to the plastic bag, and you loose the keif. what i do is to somehow compact the hash before it goes into the bag. so put in vice or hammer it down, then put in bag and bag in water. that way the keif wont stick to the bag.

    once you put it in the plastic bag, and you put the bag in the hot water.... you will see some condensation o nthe inside of the bag. the keif has sweat. when you see this, start to form the ball. once the ball has been heated, it becomes very easy to form. very maliable.
  19. smok3y

    smok3y Registered+

    Same here, thats what I thought...
  20. staplez2high

    staplez2high Registered


    i got bunch of weed like, an Oz to myself and i decided i was going to take my little miny buster and grind up some herb to make hash, so i got a bunch of crystals and me and my buddies came up with a little technique. its probably already been done but literally finger hash. you take awhole bunch of these crystals and lick your finger, then stick it in to the oil and begin to sqeeze on it really tight like take your other fingers to support it and sqeeze and twist the crysals. do this over a little container(iused a margerine container) and then you will get little black balls at the beginning. this is probably all the dirt on your fingers that makes it black. keep doing that until you have a bunch of little balls. then once thats done you grab the black balls and squeeze them together.(i split them into to peices then heat them with a mini "TORCH" to make it better then sqeeze) that shit will get you fucked even though you techniqcally are smoking a little dirt which isnt even that bad. you can smoke that in a bowl for anything or make big ones and roll them into little snakes and roll a joint. ~~P.S!~~ if your one of those kids thats gets like ginos, DONT think YOU cant make this, it only takes a little bit of weed to make a little chunk for yourself, you take some shake after you have the hash ready and you put it in a bowl and put the hash on top:smokin: PSS this shit WILL INDEED fuck you up, i assure you as MUCH AS actual hash:thumbsup::hippy:

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