First Check home drug test/Am I good?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Goddler, Dec 16, 2011.

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    I know, I have searched around this forum on this topic and i know that any line at all, no matter how faint it is, is still passing. I just want some reassurance. As stated in my other thread, I smoked 5 days ago. I have been running a mile every day, drinking tons of water. Note that i am a 19 y/o male, 6'4" ~180lbs with a high metabolism. Did i really clean out my system in 5 days? I used the first void of the day on this test. Will i pass the pre employment UA with Quest Diagnostics which i have on the 20th? Its a pretty fucking faint line--definitely a line though.


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  2. Goddler

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    Oh yeah, I made my father take the same test and his line looks almost identical to the control line. This has me worried haha.

    (sorry for double post)
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    the second line is super sensitive, ive had buddies fail with a fainter line than that. sorry to make u scared just saying
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    If what youre saying is true, then your "buddies" shouldve raised holy hell because they got screwed by misinterpretation. Any line present in the "T" window is a negative regardless of line intensity. Even synthetic urine controls (which contain no drug metabolites at all) can produce a faint line on an assay.

    In order for the sample to be "non-negative", the "T" remains completely blank.

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