First EVER Grow! Sweet Seeds Fast Bud & Delicious Dark Purple AeroGarden/Solo Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by negligentgamer, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. negligentgamer

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    Back In August I ordered 4 Sweet Seeds Fast bud from Herbies during a promo and got four Delicious Dark Purps for free. All in all I spent just under 40 bucks for 8 Feminized Auto seeds. Not a bad deal.

    My first seed I started Around the second week of August. Alot of stuff happened that day and I forgot to write down the date. Plus I work alot and Im not the most organized person on the planet.
    So to help me in my adventures I purchased an aerogarden for the sole purpose of helping me keep track of dates/lighting schedules/nutrient reminders lol. Okay so call me lazy.

    I found an awesome post on another forum of an aerogarden grow which is what gave me the idea to begin with and I loved how simple it all seemed plus im not looking for a large quantity as I have not smoked in almost 10 years believe it or not. I just turned 30 this year and Im sick of being on Pain Meds for the last 8 years so I am hoping that Mj will help since its more natural and more safe, I wanted to grow my own so I know whats being put in it.

    Im a complete noob! Any Pro Tips and Advice are welcomed and appreciated always!

    Here is what I have so far........
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  2. negligentgamer

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    I have a crap ton of photos to post however with everyone Ive tried to post I get this error:

    "The following error occurred

    The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.


    Does anyone know why?
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  3. OGiesel

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    Good shit :thumbsup: aerogardens definitely make it simpler to keep track of your setup. I've done 4 grows in my Aerogarden , read some of my pasts threads, I have a few aerogarden grows written down around here, they should help you with any questions you have, any qeustions it doesn't answer, just ask! I'm sure we'll be able to answer pretty much everything. there's a few other guys on here who grew with aerogardens so you came to the right place. I will say this, the aerogarden makes it easier to grow in some ways, and harder in others, but overall you can grow some killer bud. what kind of setup are you running over there?
  4. OGiesel

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    Yeah, I just found out how to get around it, you can do it a number of ways, but if your on a smartphone, screenshot the photo you took, and try it. if it still doesn't work, crop the screenshot, and it should work

    Shout out to "The Sailor" for helping me out with that one
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  5. negligentgamer

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    Thanks man, I'll be sure to check out your other threads.! My only "setup" is the "Aerogrow International 903000-1200 Aerogarden Ultra" purchased from amazon on sale, its the three bulbed model. and I got 1 lonely seed in a solo cup.
    I am literally growing them out in the open in my house. They started in the kitchen on the counter then to my bedroom as the oldest of the girls started smelling pretty bad. Nothing fancy over this way. lol. The only special thing I do
    is check the PH once in a while and no lie I have an old thermastat laying next to the garden to keep an eye on the temps. You'll see in my photos once I figure out why they won't post.
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  6. negligentgamer

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    Yea I just uploaded majority of my photos to my pc from my note 7 *BOOM* I do have a few newer ones I took today On my phone I will try to get them up with your method you mentioned. thanks for your help.
  7. negligentgamer

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    Just realized I wasn't actually replying to your posts lol any way. thanks for the help.
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