First grow! How am I doing and suggestions!

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    I am growing from seed to harvest my first time and I've ran into a few issues and some interesting things. 1. They showed gender before they flowered probably at only 12 inches 2. Alot of the leaves seem premature as there are only 3 to 4 and not 5 or more. 3. Does it look like a sativa or ruderalis? 4. I am experiencing a clawing of leaves since the last time they were fed, soil is an organic mixture in first stages of veg I threw egg shells and coffee in and water only every 3 or 4 days depending on soil water retention. Idk id they're doin well, bout ready to harvest etc. To me they're lookin alright one was topped early on. Any advice or comments are appreciated I've over done it on research this far! 20171010_132738.jpg 20171010_135250.jpg 20171010_135232.jpg
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    Not bad. I’d let them grow a little bigger in the veg cycle.
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    I've seen worse. :)

    It does look like you ran out of soil though.
    Unless you have a fan on her that dead air space below the rim will cause problems.
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    Are you feeding the plants with any fertilizer?
    Do you pH balance the soil? Soil tends to do best around 6.0 - 7.0.

    Dealing with set-backs in the veg cycle can really reduce what you can expect the plant to yield at the end of the flower cycle. We had issues with our grow in coco coir until we realized they needed to be given nutrients. Sounds like you learned from this grow and will do better next time.

    For us this was Day 25 of vegging:

    After nutrients and with help from online websites / people on forums like this:

    Super Silver Haze

    Northern Lights
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    You must be joking with the 25 days of vegging picture.

    I use no nutes in veg., in coco, and have never had one stay that size for more than a week from planting.
    Of course once they suck the cotyledons dry, it gets dicey. :)
    I use no nutes in veg, in soil, (FFOF), and raise some lavender ladies to be proud of.

    So, share, what did you do wrong there.

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    No joke, we literally did everything we could to kill off the seedlings. And yes that is an actual day 25 photo. Which set our grow back about a 5 weeks. Our current grow started July 1st and we are just getting to harvest.

    So we over watered, gave too much light / heat, and didn't provide any nutrients. That photo was when we started to understand proper watering, and what the distance should be between lights and plants. However we had not at the time of this photo began to use nutrients.

    Growth was nearly exponential once we started giving the plants nutrients. And continued when we learned about proper feeding cycles, pH balancing the water/feed, air flow, and temp control.

    Here is a photo 6 days after the first nutrients were provided.
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    That is of more value to newbies than all of the bud porn.

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