First grow.. how am i doing?

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Gone Camping, May 13, 2014.

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    My 1st attempt at a decent grow, last summers single clone grow was a disappointment but hooked me.. and i learned a few things. Since then i'v been lurking mostly and doing a bit of reading. Emilya's grow taught me plenty and convinced me that Scrog was the way to go considering my equipment and restrictions. Thanks again Emilya.. :Rasta:

    So, about 6 weeks back my bud shows up at the door with a few rootbound 3" clones.. which i was no where near ready for. Scrambling to come up with a plan i hit craigslist searching for a tent/light to get started. Picked up a Hydrofarm 2' 4bulb T5, bought some 6500K bulbs but no tents available. Started searching grow cabinets and came across FreezerBoy's setup.. and i just happened to have a fridge in garage that died over the winter and was replaced. Proud that i had procrastinated over pulling the doors off and dragging through the ice/snow this winter down to the curb i started coming up with a plan.

    The Reeferator was born.. and still being adapted. The plan is to do my seedlings and clones up top, and use the lower portion for vegging. I'd like to get a dedicated flowering cabinet built this coming summer, but for now i'll use the fridge for this go'round.

    I have two Sensi Star clones in the fridge vegging now, and i'm getting close to switching to 12/12 i think. Admittedly i was in a pinch and used some MiracleGro and mixed in some cheaper potting soil that listed only peat, perlite and maybe something else. Point being no nutes so i figured the soil wouldnt be so "hot" as you guys call it. I recently picked up some Roots Organics Buddha Grow and Bloom nutes as well as some Oregonism. Next grow will get one of their mediums also.

    Next on the list is to pick up a moisture meter as i cant lift the pots in scrog (reassurance),light yo-yo's, a better thero/hygrometer and some PH strips. My water is tap and sits in gallon jugs about two weeks before it gets used. I also need a second 6" fan for the canopy. Fridge has a 110CFM 120mm fan centered up top and a 12"x4.5" passive intake centered at bottom.

    In my limited knowledge i think things are going pretty good, a lil slow on growth but we have had some pretty drastic temperature swings lately.. and i held off on any nutes (mixed 1/2 recommended) till today since i used some MG. I have FIM'd the main cola? and tied down a few of my larger branches to the pot rim. I'm starting to see alot of tops coming up through the screen..

    It amazes me the talent of some of y'all seem to posess to be able to diagnose a sick girl, i hope to start picking up on some of this as i continue to read others threads. So, how's my girls lookin? See anything obvious i need to address? As always, any advise is much appreciated.

    Oh, and two of the clones my girls gave up returned home today potted in some decent soil. These will be grown outdoors, got some more reading to do i guess. I'll be starting with Shov's grows. :smokin:

    EDIT: Looks like i have some resizing to do..
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    Well, that's a fine campfire.

    While we wait for a picture I noted the following comment.

    "My water is tap and sits in gallon jugs about two weeks before it gets used"


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    Yeah, having trouble figuring how to resize.. not much of a comp guy.

    Weez, i was advised that it'll let the chlorine and other undesirables to evap out before watering.. i'm assuming by your post this was ill advised? Off to Google..
  4. emilya

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    look on google for the free program, Pixresizer. It does single pictures and pictures in batches. I have used it for years and love it. It is against the rules here to provide links, but I think you can find it.
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    "i'm assuming by your post this was ill advised?"

    Too true brother

    For a water company to use Chlorine gas nowadays is a very rare thing.
    Because it did "evaporate" it was too hard to regulate.
    They switched to Chloramine in the '70s.
    Chloramine is not a gas, it's a chemical compound and will not evaporate no matter how long we wait.

    What does out-gas, is the dissolved air.
    We don't want that. We want as much air in our water as we can get.

    Fortunately, while Chloramine is toxic to tropical fish, it's actually somewhat beneficial for cannabis.
    Anaerobic bacteria is as bad for our plants as it is for us.
    Chloramine keeps the water clean.

    We had a huckster in here a while back pimping R/O filters.
    Went on and on about the evil cannabis killer in our drinking water.

    It got so bad that I had to call bullshit.
    He got all huffy and cranked up the blather.
    No real science, just your standard "scare them into belief" tactics.
    Knowing that it's fruitless to argue belief systems, I quietly ran a simple, side by side experiment.

    Took some cuttings.
    Put half in rainwater, half in tap water.

    chloramine test.JPG 2436.jpg 2435.jpg 2439.jpg

    Small experiment,with clear results.
    The "pure water" sucked the life out of their cuttings through osmotic pressure.
    The evil tap water did just fine.
    Our huckster ran off to different pastures.
    In search of dumber sheep, as a guess.:D

    If you have tropical fish, leaving the water sit out does no good, but you can buy "Chloramine remover at the pet store.
    Seemed expensive to me, so I read the label.
    Ascorbic acid.
    That made me smile. I had plenty of that in my medicine cabinet.
    Just some tiny scraping from a Vitamin C tablet, and my fish are doing fine.

    Don't even use that anymore.
    Noted that topping off the garden pond with hose water didn't kill any fish!
    But moving indoor fish to a bowl of tap water made them sick.
    Why is that?

    A little research found that organics in the water rapidly break down Chloramine to halomethanes.
    Organics like ammonia, dirt, fish poo, etc.

    Well hell, that's why I'm changing their water in the first place!
    I now take a 1/4 cup of the dirty water and dump it into the fresh bowl before moving the fish.
    Works a treat!

    So, if you are overly worried about the "microherd" in an organic grow.
    Toss a pinch of dirt in your water jug and wait 5 minutes or so.
    Then shake the shit out of it for more dissolved air and apply.

    That should save you some space, and time.
    Question everything test what you can. :)

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  6. Gone Camping

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    I think i found where your Huckster went and the minds he's corrupted.. found considerable mention of Reverse Osmosis, fish poo in a search earlier today.

    I highly appreciate the level of detail in your response Weezard. Learned a few things short of what to do with all that space/time..

    And i just premixed a gallon of Grow and a gallon of Bloom.. i should be using it up in the next week though.

    Em i caught your response earlier before it went.. i'll work on it later tonight. My yardwork wont wait on me.. ;)
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    Looked around at others attachments and see them at 200x150 pixels, so thats what i resized to. Hoping i'v got it..

    miscmay13 004.JPG miscmay13 005.JPG
  8. Weezard

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    They look healthy and happy!

    Is that hemp cord for the scrog screen?
    Neat and clean.:thumbsup:

    You can upload much larger, (read zoom-able), photo's by uploading them as thumbnails, or by creating an album in your profile.
    Then if you have set your text editor to wysiwyg and hit the "advanced" tab, a li'l paperclip thingee appears, and it's quite easy to insert photos at a useable size.

    Like this: 1broadmite_new.jpg DSC03414(1).jpg o1a-400.JPG o1b-400.jpg

    Those are broad mite hitchhikers.
    Click on a thumbnail to open it, then click again to re-window. Click in that window to zoom in.

    Kind of hard to defend against the clever li'l bastids outdoors.
    The dryer sheets on the soil surface keep out Root aphids, and fungus gnats.
    But pregnant mites riding ants will require predators like lacewings and ladybugs.
    I am fortunate to have predator ants, (an invasive kine here), they treat riding mites as a lunchbox and clean each other then, hunt for more. :)

    The more you dig, the more magic ya find.
    Check my albums.
    Feel free to right click and download any image you find useful.
    "There's treasure everywhere" --Calvin

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  9. Gone Camping

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    It is! Just seemed..appropriate.

    Those are some ugly bastards, i'll keep an eye out for them. I had read about the Ladybug remedy before.. aint nature cool. How often do i swap out dryer sheets? The Mrs is gonna wonder WTF..

    I'll check out your album, and thanks. Gonna owe quite a few here a tall cold one at the end of this season.

    Swapped the bulbs and adjusted the timer this afternoon. My oldest gets married in 91 days.. this should work out well!
  10. Weezard

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    Change your sheets at least once a month. :D

    I toss a couple under the sink in the kitchen.
    First of every month.

    We used to have those tiny, German cockroaches.
    Look just like ants.

    We we're paying an exterminator to "control" them.
    Started using dryer sheet there about a year ago.
    Have not seen a one of those buggahs since.
    I use then on the outdoor greenhouse gals as well.
    Have not seen a single FG, or RA in 18 months now.

    No take my word on it.
    They are ubiquitous, and cheap.
    So, try 'em.

    The wife buys a box for me when she gets hers.
    We use the Costco, unscented brand, because the Bounce ones reek!
    (That extra perfume is for us, it has nothing to do with repelling bugs.)


    Now where's that "tall cold one"?
    Unless you were talking about a Norwegian courtesan.
    Have to pass on that.
    (Got a wife that put's 'em all to shame.) :)
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  11. Gone Camping

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    You sure.. you can have two. ;)

    (And atta'boy!)
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    Guess i'll put this here..

    Outside this am cleaning up the dog chit, glanced over at my 2 outdoor potted clones. One had a small branch fall from a nearby tree and break the main stalk about 1" above the rooting cube..damnit. Called a bud but i believe he's away for the holiday so no access to his Clonex to attempt to reroot the upper few inches.

    I have a few cubes. Should i place in cube and place in a glass of water.. water with no cube? Slice the bottom 1/2" to accelerate root growth? Appreciate input as i'd like to save this...
  13. emilya

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    I have successfully rooted by placing it in water in a windowsill. Nature always tries to find a way. Make a fresh cut diagonally, while holding it under the water and then cross your fingers. Good luck!
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  14. Gone Camping

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    Clear, tinted, colored glass? Does it not matter or am i looking for light to the root zone?
  15. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    i used a mason jar when it worked for me
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  16. someoldguy

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    ...high man, i'm just jumping in to say you don't have to make your pics that small, try reducing them down to 75% of the original size and see if that works, if not try 50% from original, ...and be sure not to overwrite the originals, those you want to keep in the original size for your own reference.

    ...anyway, i use a free downloadable program called 'Irfanview' that acts as a photo manager of sorts with some formating ability, including the ability to easily resize,'s a couple of my own that i reduced down to 75% to illustrate.

    ...edit: i went back and reread your first posting more closely and decided to use a couple pics of the box you spoke of, FB was a very gifted guy, both as a grower and DIYer AND as a communicator, his threads are all very informative and entertaining to read, ...he dropped off the map over at the rag a couple years ago so i often wish him well, ...he helped a lot of noobs in his day, myself among them.

    35769GrouchoCab.jpg 35769Shed2.jpg 35769IC_5-07-8-Cab2.JPG

    ...i also noticed your need for cloning skills and while a cup of water on the window sill is probably all you can do with that broken youngling, there are more surefire ways of going about cloning, ...and you absolutely must aquire this simple skill to fully enjoy the fruits of cultivating good quality bud, when you find something nice you'll want to keep it after all, i personally have more than a couple that have been in my collection for more than 5 years.

    ...anyway, when you're ready give a shout out and i'll share 'my' simple methods, methods that were taught to me on these boards by growers who came before me, i'm just a messenger, not the originator.

    peace, SOG
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  17. Gone Camping

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    Thanks Em.. hoping i can save it.

    SOG.. yes, i need to develop the cloning skills. The upper portion of my fridge will house them once completed. I did just pick up a 2' single bulb T5 for it, getting there.
  18. someoldguy

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    if you have the space for a tent you might want to consider using the fridge as a cloning and vegging box, that would simplify things for you by a lot.

    i'm familiar with micro-grows like this and while they are temendous as learning experiences, its because they are so tricky to pull off that make them so educational, a tent would save you much stress and get you well on your way much faster.

    ...i showed you FreezerBoy's box above, i'd be happy to show you my own boxes so you can see i really am familiar with all the headaches and frustrations of this kind of conversion, but i don't want to jack your thread and fill it with MY pictures, lol, so let me know if you're interested in seeing them.

    ...anyway, cloning is no big whoop with the caveat that which ever style you adopt there will be a learning curve that will almost certainly require some failures as you gain experience. big are the plants? ...can you share some larger pics closer in? ...are they big enough for you to take cuts now or will you need some more veging time?

    peace, SOG
  19. tlranger

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    Think I'd like to hear the whole plan
  20. Gone Camping

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    A flowering cabinet is exactly what i would like to do. Thinking something roughly 60"x30" 6/8bulb T5HO elevated pots and scrog screen roughly waist high...easier on my back. Figure how to keep temps up in unheated garage and i could go through winter here perhaps. Something in the house is verbotten..

    Plants are now in bloom, about day9. I will get more pics for y'all soon.. promise. Taking advantage of the cooler temps to get some things done around the house/yard.

    Been thinking i need to search out other scrog cabinet builds or just start another thread asking for design input. But i'd love to see a few pics of yours, i'm not the type to get pissy about off-topic and other input in my threads. Guess i'v learned this from all the years on Jeep build forums.

    Ranger, this directed to me bud? Plan is to grow it.. then enjoy it! Repeat as necessary.. ;)
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