First grow.. how am i doing?

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    ...loupes and handheld microscopes are available at Amazon for VERY small money, less than twenty bucks, personal preference is a jewelers loupe as it is just easier to work with and even 10x is powerful enough to be able to recognize the colors of the trichome heads.

    ...either of these makes the job very easy so both are worth having, the first one is nice inside the space 'cause you can hold it with your facial muscles leaving your hands free to hold leaves and buds in position and the folding one is nice to have to look at leaves plucked from plants and brought to bright but normal light in search of pesticles, aka spidermites, aphids etc., etc., etc.

    index.jpg 41ucYk-2j9L.jpg

    ...i'd provide a link but as you know that is frowned upon here.

    peace, SOG
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    SOG, thanks again. Theres a few things i need to pick up..

    Got the calender down, today is actually day 49 of flower, so i'm at the end of week 7. Looking beneath the screen i am seeing signs of impending harvest with fan's dying off. Thinking i may go ahead and cut the screen away and get into the dead fan's and remove them. They are just under the screen and very tough to get to from below.

    So, here's a few pics. I wont be getting those 6-8" buds that i was hoping for.. but again i learned quite a bit and i'll have a lil' something to share with friends. Thanks for the guidance all.. :thumbsup:

    Thoughts or comments on these?

    July1Day49bloom 001.JPG July1Day49bloom 002.JPG July1Day49bloom 003.JPG July1Day49bloom 004.JPG
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  3. Gone Camping

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    Looks like i Hermie'd? Only seeing this a bit on lower popcorn under where the screen was.

    Advice on what to do, if anything? Pick what i can see off iirc from previous reading?

    day49hermie 006.JPG
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  4. emilya

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    picture is fuzzy.. i cant see it
  5. someoldguy

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    ...your pic is kinda fuzzy so it's difficult to say definitively but at this point there really isn't anything you can do, they are either already pollenated and seeded or not, i have one in my collection that hermies around week 7 and i keep her because first, she is so tasty and second, at week 7 pollen can't hurt me as it takes about 4 weeks after pollenation for viable seeds to form, at week 7 i never even see evidence of the beginnings of seed formation, just a few pollen sacs.

    good luck, hopefully it is a recent abhoration and nothing to be too concerned about.

    peace, SOG
  6. Gone Camping

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    Hope this is better Em..

    day49hermie 006.JPG day49hermie 005.JPG
  7. someoldguy

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    ...yeah, these may be just oversized calyx's so really, all you can do at this point is to wait and see.

    day49hermie 005---.jpg

    peace, SOG
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  8. Gone Camping

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    Is this a natural or common occurance, the oversized calyx?

    I was recently reading up on sexing prior to flowering and learned a bit on preflowers... a bit.. ;)
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    ...yeah, it's very common, especially at the join where a branch meets the main stem, i usually see one at each branch, with pollen sacs you either see them in clusters or, if you see single pollen sacs they will almost always be poking out of buds and not at the branch joins.

    peace, SOG
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  10. growdemon

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    ya I wouldn't worry about it! if you are.. you could clip them off and store them for later if there is pollen in the sachs. then make ur own seeds! I have some male flowers from a skywalker OG plant that loaded up with male pollen, the buds are fantastic even thou it hermied... I clipped off all the male flowers, and its now being stored in the refrigerator!

    if they open up to something that resembles a 5 pointed star flower, then your fan has already blown the pollen around your room...

    I actually thrive to have this happen, because then I have free 8-12 dollar seeds, now supposedly if you take one of these hermied pollen flowers and thow it on a different female strain, you get feminized seeds! I tested this in my last grow, and some males did pop up

    if you have a good strain, by all means clone or make seeds!

    also for a scrog setup, I would flower longer, than the recommended times stamp on a seed strain. usually that information is geared to a 100% perfect grow setup. which is NIL!

    you may want to look into main-lining, which catbuds "no idea why she got banned but she had some great information about it"

    main-lining basically turns your stem into a ala per say car v8 manifold. :thumbsup: so in theory... you have an even manifold coming off the main stem. so every bud sits receives the same amount of nutrients, water ect.
    on a scrog its get kind of wild and out of control. 1 bud may be 10 inches from the stem, the other might be 6. ect ect. this would help if your setup with a low height profile to maximize yield.

    bud dude,, rock on you got some good flowers!

    oh yea,.. those pods your looking at will be seeds, if you got some stray male pollen flying around.. this is what they create..... just leave them be. you may get a seed or 2 and you'll be stoked cause the buds were so awesome!
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  11. someoldguy

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    ...yeah, the reason you don't want to do this and also why you saw males pop up is because hermaphrodite pollen contains hermaphrodite DNA, not something you want in your seed stock.

    ...and making solid, reliable femmed beans is easy peasy so there is no reason to use defective genes.

    peace, SOG
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  12. growdemon

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    ya but 2 out of 20seeds! im not complaining!

    brings back the term free weed! but ya....... i know what you mean, its not like im trying to make a business out of it.

    i mean shit if i can get some decent home grown seeds., im stoked! regardless, so a few are male.! big whoop.

    guess what the rest make nice buds. and its free

    i have yet to purchase, seeds from a glorified seed bank.. and if i do i expect them to be 100x better than the crap im gowing now. and i know that will never happen. so i continue to make my own strains!

    i couldn't imagine spending 200+ smackers and having some plants come out like shit. i see it all the time.

    unfortunately i have around 200+ seeds at my disposal with 6-8 different this isn't a problem!

    a few have been outbred and stabilized & flipped back 2 generations,,.. the rest are...basically no telling- no mans land..

    reminds me of going to vegas!

    its all good fun!


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  13. emilya

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    It happens... in my last run I germinated 15 seeds... 3 I think were females. I am betting that over time, I will also have a run where 12 out of 15 end up being females too, and that looking at the long run, the average is indeed 50%.
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  14. growdemon

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    like going to vegas

  15. Gone Camping

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    Yeah, i'm caught on to the suggested flowering times put out by the breeders being a bit optomistic for those under non-ideal conditions. And i had no idea sometimes a plant could finish early.. learned a bit more today. I told myself at the beginning the Trich's would dictate my harvest date. Wanted to do as much as i could correctly.. with the knowledge i had and aquired during.

    I'll look into the "mainlining" you mention. It all gets so overwhelming at times with the many methods growers are using.

    Thanks for the compliment, as long as i improve overall with as little setback as possible i'll be a happy guy.

    Yeah, i see lots of Banned members here anymore..quite a few since i started this grow even. I just got over my 1st infraction so i'll shut my trap now.. ;) Probably why i dont have any "Rep"..
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    go to your 'settings' page (top right) and turn your rep on :thumbsup:
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    Breeder ads are optimistic, in a perfect grow.
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  18. Gone Camping

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    Ha.. friggin newb! :embarassed:
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    ahhh... look at that aura! :thumbsup:
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    Popped one of the balls off today, opened it up and found seed. Should i just harvest them tomorrow?

    Tomorrow would be mid week 8.

    Would i be correct in thinking the energy is being diverted to making seeds and i'm pretty much done on flower growth? If i continue to watch trich's arent i just developing more seed?

    Wonder what i did..

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