First grow.. how am i doing?

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Gone Camping, May 13, 2014.

  1. emilya

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    just calmly continue toward the end, paying attention to the trichomes and dont harvest early because of a couple of nanners. It is too late for much damage to happen with male parts anyway, just laugh at them at tell them that they are too late.

    Keep in mind that 98% of your plant is still in sensimilla mode.. and the smoke from this will be excellent. Take the few buds that have seeds in them, and smoke them with people who don't deserve your best, and be done with it. No harm, no foul, and no waste.
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  2. Gone Camping

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    Good advise Em.. i'll do just that.

    I did JUST take a few small popcorn nugs with the seeds.. gonna try a sample after a quick dry. I realize the taste and potency will be way off but i'm out otherwise. ;)

    I'v been patient to this point.. been a good boy. :biggrin:
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  3. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    Your situation is not dissimilar to when I create seeds on purpose. When I need a seed run, I selectively pollinate just a few branches and let them develop seeds, while the rest of the plant develops good smoke for me. One plant is perfectly capable of producing both high quality smoke AND high quality seeds, the only difference is that my seeds have not been produced as a result of hermaphroditism.
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  4. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    Thanks for the feedback! Couple questions if i may..

    Do you collect pollen and store it for a future run? What's the shelf life on something like that?

    IIRC a hermied seed would carry the hermied DNA, would the plant from such a seed also give me a large percentage of Sensi flowers or should i expect seeds in every flower? I assume the later with the earlier discussion in this thread..

    I'm thinking the clones i got this run had the DNA, i dont think PH would stress enough to bring this on. At least i hope so.

    Enjoy the holiday Emilya..
  5. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    I am not sure what the shelf life on pollen is, but it is a while. The last seed run that I did was using pollen that had been stored in the fridge in a pill bottle, with a desiccant pack to keep it dry. It was about 6 months old at the time. It is still in there, now about a year old, and I may try it again in my spring run just to see if it is still viable.

    This pollen was gathered from a new from seed male, that was left over from my original pack of 10 seeds from Amsterdam, so I was sure of its genetics. Per the recent discussions, I would never use a lesser quality DNA, knowing that someday I may have to rely on these seeds that I produce as my only source, and a possible prepper resource if the political situation goes to hell as some believe it will.

    You have a safe and happy 4th too Gone Camping!

    Sense Emilya
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  6. wintergrow

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    I seriously need help on how to use this site! I really want to show my garden and I'm not good with forum never been on one. U stoners know how it is. helppppp!
  7. wintergrow

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    At my age I have not a thing to be embaressed about my friend
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  8. emilya

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    well, you figured out how to post... now click up on the forum button at the top left and figure out how to start your own thread in one of the categories and you will be well on your way. :)
  9. wintergrow

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    Still not getting to any page were I can post pics.
  10. emilya

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    read the rules... you need some posts under your belt before that opens up to you.
  11. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    So i'm roughly middle of the "suggested" flowering time, in my opinion it looks like my Trich's are just starting to cloud from clear with no sign of amber yet. So i'm guessing maybe 2 more weeks?

    july6trichs 001.JPG july6trichs 002.JPG
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  12. someoldguy

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    ...yeah, 2 or 3 weeks i'd say although it's difficult to say from a couple pics.

    you might also consider staggering your harvest too to give you an idea what the differences are between bud run for say 8 weeks and bud run for say 10 weeks, this way you can speed up the learning process and more quickly find the timing that fits your tastes, ...and all flavors are different so this is something you'll need to find out for each of the flavors in your collection.

    peace, SOG
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  13. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    LOL.. i miscounted, it's day 56 of 56-63.

    I like your reasoning SOG, i may take one on day 63ish and go by the Trich's for second.

    Thank You once again..
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  14. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    Don't harvest by a random day, but be sure to check your trichomes on that day too so you know right where you are at. I have been working the same strain for years here in my tents, and now I have a very firm idea exactly what sort of effect that I can get, after cure, of all the stages... all cloudy and no amber, mostly cloudy and 2% amber, 5%, 10% and off the charts, 30% amber and 1% black. The resulting high is distinctly different at each of these stages. While you are experimenting, you might as well have a taste of each of these. :)
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  15. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    I took one girl 4 days ago, saved a pic of the trichs. Think i had some sort of lockout.. growth had really slowed or stopped. Probably a PH issue..

    Looks like i may have a bit more than an oz once fully cured.. bit disappointing but still happy i got to the finish line. Time to apply what i'v learned and research some more, you all have been a huge help as i really knew much less than i thought i did. ;)

    The other has been flushed twice recently, 4-5 days or so apart. Hoping it packs on a bit more weight.
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  16. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    Took a few pics of remaining plant this am, certainly seeing some amber now. Day 66 iirc. Think i'll let it go through the weekend and take it monday.

    In the meantime i'v got some reg seeds from a bud in CO, one being Dr Atomic Northern Lights (hell yeah!). Think i'll germ my 1st seed hoping for a female, but will probably let a male go in favor of getting more seed. I'll need to do some reading up on this..

    Otherwise i still have my two clones outside that are starting to flower, and i'll be doing a few Fem'd seeds in a bud's room locally for the winter. Took my new equipment over there to help us both out.

    Might twist one up this weekend from the plant i took 6 days ago.. start a fire in yard and sit under the Gazeebo chillin'. Gonna be nice here this weekend..
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  17. Gone Camping

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    Harvested the 2nd Sensi Star yesterday, it's hanging now.

    First plant is curing pretty good and just out of curiosity i poured it out of the mason jar and weighed in just under an ounce. Thats manicured bud only. Plant 1 gets divied up to friends, plant 2 stays with me.

    A friend and i now have his room (5x2.5x6) reconfigured with my new 4' 6-bulb T5 fixture and 4" active-air inline exhaust. A dozen Sensi Star clones are in Humidity dome now along with the single Dr Atomic Northern Light seedling that sprouted a 1" taproot in 24 hours. (Found this seed was cracked once pulled from shipping container, assume this is why it germ'd so quickly). The Sensi Star mothers will be arriving at my place today and right into flower.

    Friend #2 who happens to be brother of Friend #1 is setting up his grow room this week, unlike us soil growers he is digging out his Hydro gear. With the 3 of us we will have several strains to pass around... and with both of my daughters just passing their test for a driver's permit ill be needing it!

    Why did i wait till my 50's to start this hobby?
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  18. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    another star is born :thumbsup:
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  19. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    A dozen of em eh.... ;)

    That's a weird lookin pup ya got there..
  20. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    So my bud brought over two more Sensi's after it got dark last night, he's right around the corner. Both are tall and stretched out with probably 5" between the nodes and one had many clones pulled from the center.

    The cloned plant went outdoors in the garden, the other i spent time on this am LST'n. The longer branches are already reaching the outter walls of cabinet, so it looks like i'll be topping quite a bit while awaiting the middle to fill in. Gonna scrog this single plant, maybe FIM the center out a bit.

    Wish i knew more local growers, i'd offer up a half dozen clones to help out someone.

    Thought i'd show how my 1st outdoor clone is progressing, this is the one that didnt get hit with the branch that fell if you remember my earlier posting. Pic taken the 17th, each branch was FIM'd once. Yes, it's a 3 leaflet freak..

    July17outdoor 001.JPG
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