First grow.. how am i doing?

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by Gone Camping, May 13, 2014.

  1. Gone Camping

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    Doing a lil reading this am on PH.. found this tidbit. Note the part that mentions inaccuracy when colored from your nute's.


    A liquid based pH test kit is another popular option. This is one of the most popular methods, as it is a bit more accurate than the paper test strip method. To use a liquid test kit, simply add a few drops of pH sensitive dye to a small vial with containing your nutrient solution. The color of the nutrient solution will change, which you will then compare to a color chart to determine the pH level. Like the test strip method, I don’t recommend using the liquid method if the color of your nutrient solution has changed because of your nutrients.

    My Root's Organics Buddha Grow/Bloom both darken the water, the grow moreso. It's a muddy brown color. My question is how much could the PH be off because of the added color from my nute solution. Should i adjust.. and which way?
  2. Shovelhandle

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    Use a quality pH tester (BlueLab) or keep guessing with the colors.
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  3. emilya

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    yep, thats why i went with the pen type electronic tester.. they aren't that expensive. I have also found that if you store the probes upright each time in the buffer 7.0 solution, they last for over a year.
  4. someoldguy

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    ...personally, with my laid back approach i've been using a drop test kit now for many years to good effect, i actually put my ph pen in a drawer as too much bother.

    it is my understanding through much research that some nutrients are more available at certain ph levels and not so available at other levels and each element has it's own optimum ph level so i personally believe a little fluctuation in your ph values is benefical over the course of a grow, i said i have seen no ill effects in my coco hempy buckets done KISS style with Jack's Pro Hydro as my nutrient line.

    ...i was also of the understanding that a true living organic soil has all the food necessary for the cycle, with occaisional top dressings and AACT teas, to feed a plant from final up-potting through the end of flower and so, for the most part, you don't feed organic plants, you just water them and ph is almost a non issue.

    anyway, while i agree ph is a vital consideration in my own situation, i see no need for the kind of accuracy that would require another piece of equipment, piss yellow and i'm good to go.

    peace, SOG
  5. Gone Camping

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    Alrighty then... just peel off another hundred. I will invest in one soon. Theres a used BlueLab on CL for 50 but i dont think i'd trust it was taken care of properly.. sometimes it doesnt pay to pick up used equipment.

    My color chart shows olive green to be in the 6.5 range, but realize your PH preference is lower with the Coco.

    Thanks again y'all, i would like to know an accurate PH level at least till i hit SOG's age.. and experience. ;) ;)

    I stopped in at my bud's place yesterday afternoon. The Atomic NL seedling had an issue.. the top just fell off. No Cotyledons (sp?) or other leaflets, just stalk.. i assume this is a goner and not to expect any growth to come from it? Guess it's time to germ something from my Herbie's order.
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  6. Gone Camping

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    Looks like i bought that used BlueLab PH pen... came with a HydroHut Silver edition 55"x55"x7' tent. A Hydrofarm air cooled hood 4" flange, Hortilux HPS bulb, a digital ballast, timers and a 6 position timeable powerstrip. Looks like i'v got some 4x4 400w threads to read up on.. SOG maybe have converted another to vertical Hempy?

    The current single plant run is making progress but i'm not impressed with the grow rate of Sensi Star to date, although probably operator error. ;) I'll get some pics up soon.. recovering from a 3 day hospital stay.
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  7. Gone Camping

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    4 days since last watering, and 12 since last feeding. Went 1.5 tbsp/Gallon of the Budda Grow and checked PH as usual with the drop's method.. then broke out my Bluelab and found i was at 6.2, PH+ a bit to 6.5.

    I found the owners manual online for the pen and came to realize the calibration is out of date, the check mark is absent. I didnt get the cleaning/calibration/storage solution kits with purchase but i found them on the bay so i'll invest in the set. How often do y'alls pen need calibration and how much is it usually off?

    The single lady is filling in the screen decently, lots of new budsites helping out. The longer limbs i'm training pretty heavily to do all type of u-turns and switchbacks. Some of the lower center growth i left.. a bud might need a few clones. Hoping to fill screen and switch schedule in the next 2 weeks. Figuring a late Oct harvest. Goal again is a 2oz yield.. hope i get there this time.

    Aug3feed 001.JPG Aug3feed 002.JPG

    And heres an issue i noticed this am, my outdoor lady. This is the shaded side of plant and probably getting less natural light, the rest of her looks ok to me. I assume this is bud rot.. trim it off?

    Aug3feed 003.JPG
  8. emilya

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    I calibrate mine every month or so... when I think about it... sometimes. If the numbers start getting wacky, I do it then too. Yep, thats when I do it.

    One bit of advice... if you fill the screen more than about 60% before the stretch, you are going to run out of room. Outside, looks like bugs to me, bud rot is a sticky stinky gnat infested gooey mess, don't go there.
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  9. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    I got robbed last run when i didnt fill enough, my stretch was much less than expected. Searching the Sensi Star for that reveales like experiences... I'll veg longer this time and watch carefully.
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  10. Gone Camping

    Gone Camping Registered+

    I'm so far unable to ID the new growth damage and discoloration..

    I'm hoping i dont end up ripping her out of the ground. My searching is not finding anything like it.. yet.
  11. Weezard

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    That's not bud rot.
    But, yes cut it off and burn it, and change clothes and shower before tending the indoor plants.
    Because if that's what I think it is, (Broad or cyclamen mites), it will wipe out an indoor grow.
    You'll need 100x magnification to see them, and a lot of luck to survive them.

    Hope I'm wrong.
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  12. Gone Camping

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    Thank You Weeze...

    I had cut the limb earlier and looked through a mag glass.. didnt see any critters under leaves. But i'm gonna take your advise and pull that plant in the am.. i'll have the fire ring lit waiting for it.

    I didnt shower or change before i checked the indoor lady.. hope i didnt contaminate her. I'll keep a close eye.

    I did some reading and i guess i'll pick up some neem oil and a wetting agent.
  13. Gone Camping

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    My indoor is close to filling up the canopy center now, i'll swap bulbs and reset the timer sometime over the weekend. Hoping to match/exceed my 2 lady yield from earlier this season from this single..

    I'm enjoying the bit i kept for myself from last run, my friends really appreciated their gifts as well. It got really nice around that 3rd-4th week of cure.. again thanks all for helping me get there. Next season should be fun.. :)

    And i'm very much liking this BlueLab PH pen.

    Pic as of yesterdays tucking, i'll update pic in a few weeks i guess. aug7almostready 003.JPG aug7almostready 004.JPG
  14. Gone Camping

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    Lost some posts in this thread in the recent forum issues.

    I lost this plant to severe yellowing which i believe was a fungus gnat issue that i got to a bit too late.. somewhere around week 5 of bloom. Close look at the rootball showed many lil bugs. This plant was a clone (1 of 2) a bud did not have room for, i believe his soil was the culprit.

    Clone 2 i was able to save, i let the soil dry completely and got lucky. It'll harvest in a week or two i believe. With the temps cooling i was noticing a lil'bit of PM which i wiped off with a milk/water solution, then started placing my lady on the porch in the evenings. Learned to keep moisture off in late season temps.

    Again, thank you all, i learned a few things this year.

    Next spring: Pineapple Chunk, WW x BB, and maybe a 3rd strain from my small bean collection. 6 lady's in 4x4 tent under 4-600w HPS done vertical/barebulb in Hempy Buckets.
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  15. Gone Camping

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    Wow... 2014.. seems much longer since i started this hobby.

    I'd like to say i'v learned a ton, but to be honest i believe i learned just enough to struggle through. Some things are just now starting to fall together and make sense to me. But i'm growing much better medicine!

    Thanks to all those at the beginning..

    HSO's Amhearst SourDiesel..

    AmhearstSD1.jpg AmhearstSD3.jpg

    A cut gifted to me a few months back, a local's favorite daytime smoke. Crockett's Tangie.


    Just thought i'd pop in and say hello.. hope all is well with you all.
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  16. Little Ruby

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    Hey buddy! Long time! If you remember, I've grown since 1971. But we all keep learning or we go stagnant! Insects build resistance, new insecticides are created, new products constantly! New diseases & insects introduced from imported nursery plants, etc, etc! The last time I was here, LEDs were brand new! Look how far we've come! Just wanted to say high & keep up the good work!
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  17. Gone Camping

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    So... I went into summer longer than I typically do this season, and ended up trashing my last plant. Tossed a heavily LST'd and topped HSO Chemdawg a week ago after finding spider mites when checking the trichs. Shame.. she was better than a QP but I wont smoke or share anything of the sort.

    Now if y'all remember i'm a garage grower, and have a 4x4 Gorilla tent. What do I do now to clean the room? Will my typical cleaning of bleach and water in spray bottle be enough or do I want something better? I'm shut down for awhile till it starts to cool and nothing running. Garage is not attached so a fogger wouldn't be issue if it's an option.

    In other news, This fall I will be running 5x 3500K AutoCobs in my 4x4. Won a giveaway over at icmag for a single light.. had been thinking about some garage improvements this coming year. Guess it's time..
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