First Grow Log - 1000W, 12-plant SCROG **Pics**

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Dan K., Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    Hey everyone, I put these pictures up in another thread, but I figured it would be better if I started a log.

    First of all, let me start off by saying that all growing in these pictures is for medical use only and is in 100% accordance with state law. :Rasta:

    Here are some pics of the plants a week after we planted them. Let me just say that the growth has been incredible.

    I'm going to start LST'ing soon in preparation for the screen, which we'll put up in a couple weeks.

    All 12 of them are snocap!!

    Any comments/questions/anythings are appreciated. I'll try and post pics up 1-2 times a week. LMK,

    Dan K. :thumbsup:

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  2. jamstigator

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    I subscribed to your thread here, as I'm a ScroG fan, and just ordered a 1000-watt light myself. And hey, I like seeing cannabis grow!

    One small suggestion, if I may: there's really no need to upload pictures THAT large in dimensions. If you could size them down to like 1024x768 or something before uploading them, I'm sure the low bandwidth people would appreciate it. Makes it easier for higher bandwidth people to view them without scrolling around with their browser too. Not a big deal, just thought I'd ask. ;)

    Plants look very green and healthy! Can't wait to see them ScroG'd into a big, beautiful plain of buds!
  3. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    A couple pics of the light/intake for the room. The last picture was taken the day they were planted:

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  4. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    For sure man, I'll get on it!

    I just hate cell phone camera pics or tiny little pictures where you don't get any detail or quality.
  5. WEED_UK

    WEED_UK Registered+

    keep with the bigs pics dude....they are great for detail
  6. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    that's kinda how I felt too. I resized some of them to 800X600 and I'll post them all at that size from now on. Kinda like a nice happy medium.
  7. MegaOctane12

    MegaOctane12 Registered+

    Those fans look way too strong for that stage in the grow
  8. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+


    we keep them on low at all times, with one circulating air during the "night," then we turn them both to low to circulate more air to counter for the light heat during "day." Ventilation is really important in this room since its an attic, it keeps the temperatures down below 80+. But if that's detrimental to the plants, please LMK
  9. MegaOctane12

    MegaOctane12 Registered+

    No that seems ok, but some fans look monstorous, really don't want wind burn
  10. gmoney5ss

    gmoney5ss Registered+

    those look really good for being as young as they are, im more and more thinking about getting like a 400 watt hps, mh light over my cfls.. growth is just disapointing compared to your pictures, yours will how outgrown my in over a week.. and mine are wayy too old for that..

    lookin great though, keep on comin with the updates
  11. howsyourroof

    howsyourroof Registered+

    wind burn plz do inform me
  12. gmoney5ss

    gmoney5ss Registered+

    me too, havnt heard of this as of yet, i have a big fan too..
  13. TheGreenFog

    TheGreenFog Registered+

    He's saying that the wind is trying to smoke your plants before you can! :eek: AHHHHhhhhhhhh. :eek:
  14. TheGreenFog

    TheGreenFog Registered+

    No, but seriously, I have not read about that anywhere, either. I would have to guess its a condition of the wind...ummm...burning your Kind of like how your face gets chapped in a stiff wind. I've read that the plant always maintains a layer of higher moisture (humidity) closest to the leaves. Maybe it (the wind) removes necessary moisture that the plant needs around it...and therefore, goes cripsy? Am I close?

    :confused: :stoned: :D :dance:

  15. MegaOctane12

    MegaOctane12 Registered+

    Yeah what he said. When you use very powerful fans it actually has a very drying effect whereby the moisture is sucked off the plants, if you had those fans on maximum right next to your plants they would dry up and produce alot of resin on the leaves to protect themselves so some wind is good. You have to be very careful though because you can seriously damage a small plants delicate internal structures and leaves with excessive ventilation.

    I've seen small plants that have literally had their blades on one side, blown to the other, its actually quite comical, you don't want it to happen.
  16. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    lol....thanks for the info....judging from your description though mine are fine.
  17. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    thanks man..this is my first grow, but I read that one of the advantages of an HID light was a short, compact plant, which is really what I need for my grow area. I have also slowly been introducing CO2 into the environment as well as VERY diluted nutrient solutions, so I would hope those have contributed too.
  18. Dan K.

    Dan K. Registered+

    Finally, a picture of my favorite plant so far. Look at all that outward growth. Should I be doing any tucking/trimming of fan leaves yet, or should I save that on for later down the road??

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  19. dutch.lover

    dutch.lover Registered+

    that plant looks really nice :)
  20. YASoob

    YASoob Registered

    I wouldn't recommend scrog for 12 plants due to the fact that once the screen is on, its on. And getting around those plants are pretty hard when you only have one side to work with. I tryed scrog for 5 plants and only one side to work with, man it was hard to get all those growth up there. I believe you have a better chance at SOG with 1000watt and keep it growing, Its looking beautiful.

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