First Grow Lowryder. When to harvest?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by Splify Smithy, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Splify Smithy

    Splify Smithy Registered

    Hi all, Im coming to nearly 2 months from seed and wondering if anyone could tell me if they look ready for harvest and what to look for?

    Cheers all.

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  2. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    they look very nice, have you checked the trics color?......most people want all cloudy trics, but its all personal preference
  3. Splify Smithy

    Splify Smithy Registered

    Im not sure what the trics color is. What should i be looking for?
  4. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    The trichomes are the crystals that form on the plant. They are shaped like a golf ball on a tee if you look at them under a microscope. They are the best thing to judge the ripeness of a plant by. If they are all clear, it is immature. If they are mostly cloudy, it will be a heady, up kinda high, if they are mostly amber, it will be a couch-lock kinda stone. Most people harvest when they are all cloudy with some turning amber.

    As long as the trichomes are clear, they are gaining potency, cloudy = peak potency, amber = losing potency. Pick up a 10 dollar microscope from radio shack, it will help a lot.

    If you don't want to go by trichomes, you can make a kinda educated guess about ripeness by the hairs. If all the hairs have turned reddish/brown, its probably ripe. This isn't the best way to judge though, because some strains are completely ripe before the hairs change and some aren't ripe til after they all change.

    Here are a few good links:
  5. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

    Btw, yours is looking just about ready for harvest IMO. Pick up that microscope to be sure though. Found the pics i was looking for too.

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  6. Splify Smithy

    Splify Smithy Registered

    Thanks Splifted i think i'll go and get myself a microscope tommorrow and have a look.
  7. Splify Smithy

    Splify Smithy Registered

    I'll let your know as soon as ive checked. One last question, which is the best part of the plant to check?
  8. keeko

    keeko Registered+

    well you want to get an average color for the whole you might want to check a couple of different spots. what i do is cut a tiny leaves off the bottom, middle, and top; and make sure there are tricomes on it and just look through your microscope. good luck
  9. xblackdogx

    xblackdogx Registered+

    your plant looks great, hope you get a great yield...
    btw, where'd you get those seeds from... it's the strain i'm eyeing and can't seem to find it
  10. Splifted

    Splifted Registered+

  11. HinduKush83

    HinduKush83 Banned

    Nice. LowRyder will probably be my first grow. I am going to investigate growing from a computer case because I have heard other people doing it and I am intrigued. I need the low height. I just want to experiment and have fun and take pride in knowing that I grew my own weed.

    They do have a LowRyder 2 strain that came out and it is a little bigger, but it has a bigger yield and potency. It was mixed from some Indica/Sativa Brazilian strain I believe.
  12. Shermania

    Shermania Registered+

    Yeah, I got the Lowryder 2 seeds coming in the mail and I hope that it is a very simple grow as it is my first. I love the fact that the palnt is small and it has a decent yield. Also an autoflowering plant is great if it is your first grow because you have less room for error. No 12/12. awesome.

    The best part though, if your as impatient as me, is you are harvesting in two months. You can harvest up to four times in one year if you grow indoors... nice
  13. ZeldaG.

    ZeldaG. Registered+

    haha see the first time i grew, i was growing indoors during summer, lol, got caught by ppl who incharge of house so had to take it outside, it still yieded better than i probably would have gotten inside.
    But what really bugged me is that i wanted to try out doing the 12 12 cycle and now i have decided to use these agaibn i will miss out again :(

    Lol but not miss out but more like delay as i will get the big box running soon too.

    Good luck all!

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