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Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by sitnstinky, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. sitnstinky

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    Hello all,

    Im looking to get a little advice. I have a few plants outside up in nor cal. I put the plants outside around may 10. and they seem to be growing fine..:thumbsup: But it looks like to me that they are flowering all ready??? :wtf:what's the deal?? is this normal?? sorry for jumping right in with questions but im on my own and it's crazy!!! Not sure what im looking at..:(

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  2. phatsesh101

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  3. Lanietheberner

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    If they did go out may 10th...

    that's a bit too early for many strains and they have started to preflower.

    Spray both Liquid Light and 16-0-0 on them and they should go back into veg and grow up into nice girls!

    Nice pics!
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  4. sitnstinky

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    Ok so preflower

    So now that I am into preflower, What could cause the plants to start this process, I do have the plants close to the house, ambient light???, or some mess up with the Nutrients,??? I was told the strain is sour diesel, So if I let them go is the growth going to come to a stand still?? also we are at the summer equinox right?? so the days should get shorter from here???

    Thanks for the replys any good Ideas on where to get the liquid light???
  5. sscc420

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    Cause of pre-flowering outdoors

    I agree, I think that May 10th is just a little early to put clones outside. I wait until the last week of May before planting outside. The days need to be long enough so that you clone does not think it is fall and start to flower. Different strains can be planted earlier, and then there are some strains that need to be planted even later. Good luck

  6. phatsesh101

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    if was going into flower it would have already been like a over a month

    my 707hb has preflowers her whole life and shes a mother for years now

    although they are kinda close to the house for flower
  7. sitnstinky

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    update first grow

    Ok guys, I know its only been a week. I am on this like a hawk.. So I went to the local grow shop to grab some liquid light and I was talking to the GURU!!!"lol" :D anyways he convinced me that I must have the dutch master reverse!!! to stop this preflower deal..what you think?? sent a couple new pics to show.. The growth is good and little calax sp? are growing at each new branch... So now im home with this ready to spray mix and some penetrator...Now what?????:wtf:

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  8. phatsesh101

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    i dont think you have a problem except them windows lighting up the plants when its supposed to be dark.

    reverse is for hermies dude

    preflowers are just a sign of sexual maturity calyxes at the start of new branches is normal unless theyre starting to build on the tips thats different and if its flowering why upset the cycle your outside its nature
  9. JD1stTimer

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    Yeah dude you got ripped I wouldn't call your guy a guru reverse is intended to kill male flowers although I can't understand how that would possibly work, so I would be inclined to call reverse a scam plus you have to buy the penetrator? Wow, some $$$ in somebody's pocket there.
  10. southeastgirl

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  11. sitnstinky

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    Ok guys!!!

    I got it im gonna let them go:Rasta: thanks for the reply's.. Im now in the process of building a fence, to get away from the house:thumbsup: Gotta watch out for all the Deer around here!!!!
  12. sitnstinky

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    phatsesh101 what do you mean??

    Building on the tips??? these girls have a calyxes at every branch, from the main all the way out to the new growth.. It seems that a calyxe appears right before the new growth pops out...

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  13. phatsesh101

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    theyll start to form clusters at the tops of the branches
  14. EnhAnceD

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    they are looking very nice. Im working on an indore grow right now. They are on day 45 of grow day 17 of flower. Have you grown Outside before? Im too scared to haha, Id rather have full control. Either way, nice looking ladys you go there.
  15. dankbros

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    dude leave it alone just pump the chem.[grow, bloom & catalist/micro]-what ever brand you can aford $$$ fox farm , earth juice. & hold on . I'm no guru but they look just fine that verity takes about (9-10wk) to flower so late oct.
    I put some out in apr (chem dawg res cut & Ny sour d). their even farther along then that & the smell. in the mor\eve you can smell that skunk from 1/4mi away.
  16. sitnstinky

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    thanks everybody

    Man Im just trying like hell to get my own smoke:Rasta: since the start I have been giving fox farm grow big and big bloom fairly diluted once I put them in the 15 gallon smart pots, I gave the girls a big shot of Myco madness to help with the roots.. so far so good, had a few Mites early gave them some Azatrol in the roots and a few foiler drenches and now not a bug in site:D I will post some pics of the new garden next week....:thumbsup:
  17. PurpleMeds

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    Dont trip on them preflowering. I put some out waaaayy too early and they all started to flower. Now they all are back to vegatative state growin like mad. It seems everyone I know growin that started a lil early, their plants all did that. Next year I know not to start until Very early June or really late may. If they keep flowering, you can have a early crop! but with sour diesel I dont think it will continue to flower. High Indica strains once flowering may continue to flower without 12 hours of total darkness. Sour diesel has a lot of sativa. Either way you are all right just keep feedin and waterin!! Good luck,:Rasta: Looks nice!
  18. PurpleMeds

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    I am havin a problem with whiteflies. What is the Azatrol stuff?
  19. EnhAnceD

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    I found a massive farmer ant in my cubby the other day. Just one, little shit to, he was running fast, I lost him at first but he came back and I got him. Iv had a few little small light flys literally 3 of them, killed em haha. But ya Im scared of getting mites, like Ive got this in my room to, ugh, spiders all over, freeks me out. Best of Luck.
  20. sitnstinky

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    Azatrol is a type of chemical derived from the neem seed.. I think the actual chemical is "azadactrin sp??" it takes up to 21 days for it to fully take effect.. here is the product sheet...

    An azadirachtin insecticide formulated to provide broad spectrum insect control with very low environmental impact.

    Azatrol provides all the benefits of azadirachtin, a proven natural anti-feedant, insect growth regulator, anti-ovipository and repellent, as well as a toxin to soft bodied insect larvae. The benefits to your insect control program are multiple.

    Anti-feedant: Insects will feed less or not at all on treated plant tissue. Foliage is not damaged and insects ultimately starve to death.

    IGR: Insects will fail to mature and reproduce, eliminating populations over time, or keeping populations at acceptable levels.

    Anti-ovipository and Repellent: The likelihood of insect infestation is greatly decreased in treated plants. This also adds a preventive aspect to your control program.

    An application of Azatrol does not provide the quick 'knock-down' of a contact poison. However, 21 days after treatment, insect control is comparable to the standards. The end result — insect population control — is obtained. If Azatrol is used as a preventive treatment throughout the season, prior to insect infestation, the goal of protecting plants, ornamental flowers and shrubs and trees will be accomplished.

    Tank-mix combinations of Azatrol and other insecticide products have been shown to have synergistic activity. Azatrol's mode of action can significantly enhance the effects of other insecticides, making it the perfect choice for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.

    Azatrol does not harm beneficial insect populations including predator wasps and wasp larvae, ladybugs, preying mantis and other predator insects.

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