First Grow - Outside now Inside 2 x Bagseed plants

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    As mentioned on the intro thread:

    After finding some seeds in some brick weed I got, I stuck them in some Miracle Gro compost and they (3, although one is only a single stemmed dwarf) germinated. Once 50cm tall and looking dodgy in my ground floor window, I transplanted them into a very large pot (50cm diameter) and put it outside for the UK summer (soil & Miracle Gro). A few weeks ago, on fear the council was going to strim the area by my pot (pun intended) I brought it back indoors. They had just started the flowering stage, and to my relief, all plants have 'willies' not 'balls' ie pistils and are female. I've bought a 660/600/400/250w lamp and they're now being bathed in light 12/12 @ 600w.

    I've no idea of strain. The two main plants are about 170cm and still seem to be growing, although not by much now. I've had to bend over the top main cola's with soft wire to keep them > 45cm from light (set on 600w) which is at 210cm in a room that's 220 tall.

    Reading through the threads, it's a miracle they've gotten this far!

    From transplanting from a small pot indoors into a massive pot outdoors in brambles at latitude 52°N; using Miracle Gro and no other fertilizers during veg.
    I've given them (2 girls and a dwarf-girl) a trim a couple of times and they look nice and airy.
    I'm watering from the bottom via the large saucer underneath the 45cm pot having top watered with plain RO when outside. They drink 1/2ltr collected-from-the-roof-rain with 3ml Samurai Hydro Bloom A & 3ml Samurai Hydro Bloom B now.
    There was only 15cm of seedling soil/Miracle Gro compost mix in the pot during veg, once brought indoors I could see some roots so added 7cm Miracle Gro to top. Waterered from top only once before reading Miracle Gro during flowering is not good (Nitrogen), so that when I started watering from below. Figured the roots would be low in the pot and did not want them to eat up into the Miracle Gro too much nor more Nitrogen filtering down via top-watering.
    6.30am-6.30pm I have a fan blowing the tops below the lights , temp max 85°F near the top while the device which is attached a non-light facing of the pot reads ~75F°C.

    I've attached three pics.

    Temp gets from max 85°F (lights on) to min 72°F, with humidity Max 68% (~6.30am) to min 47% (~5.00pm).

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    Getting there :)

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    And now?!
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    Hi Wagonweed. They're in the final two weeks. Flushing atm with ph'd water.

    Here's a bud vid::

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    They look great, Andy. Well done. :thumbsup:
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