First grow since 1981. White widow/Bubblegum

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  1. TomSawyer2112

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    Some Bubblegum Buds. 4 weeks into flower as of tomorrow. (7/13)



    Here’s just one of the five buds on the white widow. The stalk is so damn thick with leaves you can’t see the flowers. I’ll try better pics tomorrow.

    Peace. Bye.
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  2. TomSawyer2112

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    Oh. And I found my Sony a100 DSLR battery so those last few pics were taken with that camera. I may be using that camera for the duration of this grow. I like the quality.
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    This is the point it gets interesting Tom. Buds will start swelling & get bigger & bigger pretty fast. However, it can be hard to tell when you look at them everyday so take pics & compare them once a week & you will surely see the difference. This was my favorite part of the grow. You almost want to keep flowering longer just to see how big they will get. My pistils were 75% orange in 8.5 weeks so I harvested then. first buds were good. After 3 weeks curing....They were Great !!!
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    It must smell like heaven in there now. ;)
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  5. TomSawyer2112

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    Yes sir! It does. Almost done guys. The Bubblegum is coming down maybe as soon as this week. The White widow may still have a bit left to go so we will see. But yes. It smells lovely. I did have one little accident last week. When I was rotating the pot one of the lower nodes that had a about a 18” stem with buds on it snapped clean off. (Bubblegum). I just bit my lip and swore a bit then decided to just go ahead and hang it up to cure. It’s still hanging there. Had a few minor nutes issues pop up in the last week. I addressed them as best I could. I’ll learn from this grow to keep certain nutes handy from now on. I’m also considering a 3x3x7 tent for the next round. I need some height. When you see the pics you will understand why.
  6. TomSawyer2112

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    Bubblegum upper left. White widow upper right and both lower pics.
    Bubblegum upper photos.
    White widow lower left. And a closeup of the Bubblegum lower right.
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  7. TomSawyer2112

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    4FACF027-7BFF-4AC3-95C2-F8E507693CB1.jpeg And so this happened. Topped the Bubblegum. I’m probably wasting my time but I want to see what those lower buds will do now. They look promising.
  8. TomSawyer2112

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    Aaaaand, That’s a wrap!
    Cut. Everything is gone.
    Thanks for the help and advice my friends. The White Widow actually came back pretty good and finished out okay. But it was a very low yield. I’m going to guess maybe 100-120 grams.
    But the Bubblegum has a much better potential. Some of the bud that’s been curing for about 5 days, I trimmed and weighed and it’s already up over 157 grams and I haven’t even weighed what I cut yesterday which is going to be an easy 100 more grams once trimmed. Yeah. It’s gonna lose some of that after total cure. But still. Not bad for a first timer on an indoor grow with only 2 plants. The house smells gloriously like a peppery pine with hints of really sweet spices and a touch of skunk. Trimming the both the white widow & Bubblegum was eye watering and burned my sinuses. Heavenly. Now to cure. When I feel I can actually give you guys some accurate weights, I’ll update. Other than that, we are done with this project and I’ve got a good head start with my medication. Big thanks to Emelia and Weez and Dutch and all of you who chimes in and walked me through this. Your experience is highly appreciated.
    Now it’s time to clean up the tent and then go back and reread this log and add supplemental notes to my written log. After that, I will decide what changes need to be made. I’ve already realized that this current setup is only good for vegetative mode. It’s a bit too short for flower mode unless I’m going to top early to keep the canopy below 4 feet including the pots. Also, even in the 5 gallon canvas pots, the plants were both root locked. Which is good to know. This would explain some of the minor issues that I was having for the last few weeks. So. Larger pots needed. That’s meaning more Square footage. Which means a wider tent. The height issues indicate a taller tent. So I guess you guys see where I’m going with this. 2ftx4ftx5ft tent that I have needs to be taller and wider. Fortunately my ventilation system is grossly oversized for the current space so it won’t have to be upgraded. But a bigger tent is definitely going to have to be brought in. Even for my modest needs.
    I’ll leave you all with a parting shot of my White Widow three days ago. CCC511B1-A2F6-4B75-B0DE-765614448375.jpeg

    Thanks again to all of you, from #BehindTheGreenCurtain
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