First Grow: White Dwarf :)

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by calichin9, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Okay this is my first time trying to grow, i know things are gonna mess up and I am gonna learn but any advice and comments would be greatly appreciated! Okay I got 12 White Dwarf seeds that my cousin brought from Spain. Sent up the grow box to be 2 1/2ft x 2 1/2ft.
    The light is a 125watt HPS light
    1 6" fan
    Mini air duct built into the wall
    Organic Soil (cannot find Guanno ANYWHERE here in CR)
    Lights are 16/8 and here are a few pics of the grow so far

    Ill keep uploading pics throught the week!!! ENJOY!

    Day 1

    Day 8
  2. Giro2007

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    Hey there bud good luck on your grow, word of advice the white dwarf doesnt like the heat its been murder trying to get a temp this plant likes and ive never seen roots grow so quick! All the best!
  3. calichin9

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    thanks man! ill have new pics up tommorow to show hows the progress :D::Rasta:
  4. calichin9

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    Day 13

    growth has slowed down TREMENDOUSLY. went out today and bought 2 100watt CFL lights, 6400K. going to go and replace the HPS light with these and use that one for flower. ANY INPUT would be great!

    or could i just add the 2 lights with the hps?
  5. Firemansam606

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    So long as you can keep the temp in check I'd go for using the 2x100w CFLs and the 150w HPS at the same time.

    Oscar Mike
  6. calichin9

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    thanks for the advice! i didnt know whether to use only one at one time but ill give it a shot! tommorow gonna go install them so ill have updated pics aswell:Rasta:
  7. dooobster

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    I agree with Fireman. Get those CFL's in there & your plants should respond favorably, as long as you've got your temps in check.

    Your grow cabinet is nice... Looks to be nearly the same size as mine, about 2ft X 2ft by 4ft tall. I have a 400w HPS in a cool tube lighting mine up. The temps stay at about 80 degrees F with the light on.

    If you get your plants growing well, you'd better get them into flower pretty soon, because that many plants are going to have that cab packed so tight, light's not gonna reach the bottom... lol :Rasta:

    I'm only growing 2 plants in mine and believe me, they fill up the cabinet nicely. :D:thumbsup:

    One other thing I noticed - you need to work some perlite down into that soil so the water will drain better and your plants' roots can breathe.
    I'd try to do it now, before the root systems get too big.

    At any rate, I wish you good luck with your grow, and I hope you're blessed with lots of girls!! :hippy:

    Peace :)
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  8. calichin9

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    Day 17

    Okay the plants are looking kinda sick. Droopy leaves and 2 or 3 have yellow lil spots but not very big. We went ahead and installed the 2 cfl's but the pic is showing only them on, but really we have both that and the HPS on aswell.

    Found out that my cousin isnt watering them suffeciently and leaving pretty dry so had to bitch him out and showed him how much.

    Thanks for the comments guys :) yea the box was pretty cheap setting up since we had dry wall left over from the house :Rasta: Tommorow ill load up a good pic with Digital Macro on! haha

    Oh and tommorow to the nursery here and seeing if they got any perlite!
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  9. calichin9

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    Okay i got sum updated and clearer pics of today, any input on why they are very shriveld up and loosing their green, would be great :) thanks yall

  10. calichin9

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    wow 113 views and only 8 post....and 4 of them are mine.........

    any help will be greatly appreciated! :)
  11. calichin9

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    okay its DAY21 and these plants are getting more leaves but still look very sick. I went ahead and posted the pics and issue in the Plant Sickness forum cuz noone here even looks at them or replys, but this sat. is payday and gonna go get sum new dirt, perlite, and hopefully Chicken poop cuz its high in nitrogen and guano is not avaliable here in costa rica haha. cant find it anywhere. well enjoy yall!
    DAY 21

  12. LuciferN

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  13. calichin9

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  14. calichin9

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    alright since yesterday was able to get money, went out and bought a bag of Perlite and potting soil. so we made a mix of potting soil, worm castings, and perlite so hopefully this will wake up our plants alittle.

    some questions for you experts out there
    1. these plants are still like 3 inches tall...and its been over a month it possible that they can still grow to their potential or better with some new seeds and start over??

    2. any experience anyone with this dirt? this is the BEST DIRT YOU CAN FIND HERE IN COSTA RICA, I SWEEEAARR!!! everything else looks like crap, and the bag even says it contains Guano :D any input on this maker?

    thanks yall, been a great help!!!!

  15. lunarose

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    I am planning on trying some white dwarf soon so I will be watching you grow closely. From what I understand is that they are suppose veg for two months and then auto flower they are suppose to be a smaller plant. What light schedule do you have them on? I have two AF strains growing right now Auto Ak-47 and diselryder. The AK-47 wasn't much bigger then yours at 3 weeks they are 7 weeks now flowering and maybe 12" tall they also did not start flowering until they were 5-6 weeks old rather then the two weeks the breeder said.
  16. Joyrider

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    Ok, They look overwatered first of all.

    I think that you ought to invest in some CFL's. The hps is the wrong color of light for vegging. It can be done, but it's not going to be very quick that for sure.

    The CFL's will put out similar Lumens per watt as the HPS but the correct color. Plus they are cheap as hell. Not sure if they are available in costa rica though. they are on right next to regular light bulbs here in the states everywhere. So look into it for better growth.

    I'll keep following along.
  17. calichin9

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    thanks man for the input and yea we have 2 100watt CFL lights running right now, but 2 more seem more ideal for a faster bigger crop. those we can find, its just organic plant food and such is impossible aswell...
    THANKS MAN!!:thumbsup:
    also gonna cut down on the amount of water added.
  18. calichin9

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    heres the updated pic of 1 of the plants! already looks healther with more leaves in 2 days!
  19. Sandm4n

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    Hmm what are your temps in their? they look a little burnt and in the earlier pics over watered. but other then that they look ok. I hope you have enough room in your cabinet for all the wonderful flowers :jointsmile:
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  20. calichin9

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    well the temps im not sure yet :( we dont have a thermo. in there but thats on our to get list with ph tester/controler too so we can have best for the plants
    But this weekend we cut a hole in the wall, little less than the outter rim of the fan so its pulling air from INSIDE the attic, and blowing it in, to where it blows inbetween the canopy and the lights

    Before it was inside there just blowing hot air around, ill post up pics today when the lights come on :thumbsup::jointsmile:

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