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Discussion in 'The Hobby Lounge' started by xoborp, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Hi everyone

    As the title says this is my first grow, i have one plant on the go at the minute, it is a Easybud from royal queen seeds.

    What i am wanting to know, and hopefully you guys can help me, is what are the best nutes i should be giving it at the minute.

    It is now forty centimeteres tall, this is supposed to max at sixty and has been on 12/12 now for one week, i am currently using a 200 watt 2700+ 6400k dual spectrum cfl light, although i have another light exactly the same, was wondering whether to use them both for the flowering, which has started "Me thinks" there are lots of pistols.

    I am growing in compost and this seems to be going well, or i am just lucky that i have had no problems, i chose this Easybud strain as it is my first time and it is supposed to be what it is to grow easy, hence its name, i dont know if any of you guys have grown this one or not.

    I have tried putting a couple of pictures up but cant figure out how to get them on, i uploaded them but they dont seem to appear, any help on that would be great please.

    Many thanks fellas

    And i have posted this in the wrong bloody section grrrrr
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    How do I upload the pics. I can't find it anywhere to do so. Please help. Thanks
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    At the top of your dialog box as you type your post is an icon. If you hover your mouse over it it will say insert image. Find image and upload it.
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    You have to have 5 posts under your belt to leave a picture, and no biggie about the wrong section... once you can post pictures, start a new thread and introduce us to your garden.

    As far as your question, I would recommend Fox Farms, and in this first two weeks of flower, their supplement Open Sesame... but there are many well known nutrient lines, and everyone has their personal favorite. You should pick one, and then follow the recommendations on the label.

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