First growing experience, flowers seem small and buds not growing

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by sleepyjoint, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. sleepyjoint

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    Hi guys, i'm growing my first plant ever, started back at the end of april in my garden. After a troubling start it all went almost problems free. Now i should be at the start of the 4th week of flowering and i think my flowers are too small, also i am not seeing any buds forming and the main cola seems the most weak. Also my garden is exposed to many street lamps forcing me to move the plant every night under the porch where is darker. I'm also using Biobizz bloom as a fertilizer and nothing else.

    Could anybody give me thoughts on this? i would really appreciate it :)
    (first pic is the main cola, last pic is a closeup of a flower on another branch)

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  2. Weezard

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    All that's required here is patience.
    She looks about right for 3+ weeks.

    In the next 2 weeks the buds will form.
    Then at 6 or 7 weeks the calyx will swell, making the buds fat.

    This is exactly how snake oil is promoted, on impatience.
    If buds are still forming at 5 weeks, a new grower will ask "the guy at the hydro store"
    for advice. :)
    Care to guess what they advise? :D

    So you come home and add the snake oil just before the natural bud swell happens.
    When the buds do their thing, the "Master-grower-huge-bud-o-licious" snake oil gets the credit and you tells everybody how great it is.
    It isn't. :(
    There is no "secret formula for massive yields".

    The best way to prove that is to only give the "super bud sweller" to half of your plants.
    And yes, I did exactly that when I first started growing. Then did more reading, then did some more side by side tests.

    Now, to get my buds to develop, I apply only patience and water.
    Saves money, and they get just as fat. :D

    Wee 'zard
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  3. sleepyjoint

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    Quick update:
    new photos from today! Flowers grew up a bit and buds are forming!

    I'm also concerned for the pot, but I don't know if i should change it or not. First of all it's not made of plastic so the plant it's not so easy to pull out with all the soil, moreover it's very heavy and the plant is flowering and very tall.

    Maybe judging from photos you could give me some advice on repotting or not. Keep in mind the plant is 115 cm tall and the pot is 12 liters in volume.

    Thanks for all the help! Appreciate!

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  4. Weezard

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    She looks pretty good.
    This far into flower, I'd leave her be.

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  5. sleepyjoint

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    I'm in need of help for another problem.
    I noted some of the flowers are turning brownish. I'm really worried the buds are rotting. These are the best closeups i could get, they show some 'normal' flowers and some that are turning.
    What do you think Wee, is it normal or is something bad happening?
    Thanks again!

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  6. Weezard

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    You have some White. Powdery Mildew on that first one. :)

    Several things will cause pistils to brown.
    First is, of course pollination.
    With your lighting problems, that is the most likely.
    Look for male flowers. I think I see one or two, but it's not clear.
    If she has hermied, don't despair. It is still useable. On the bright side, you could get some feminized seeds out of this

    Second is touch. Since you have to move them, that is likely.
    They don't like to be handled.

    Third is heat. But that would probably affect them all.

    As for moving them. I'd avoid that
    I'd whip out my light meter and read the full moon with it.
    Then, I'd read the street lights on a moonless night.
    as long as the streetlights read lower or equal to the full moon, they will not affect flowering.
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