First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Texas Open For Business

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    First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Texas Open For Business


    The first medical marijuana dispensary in Texas is open for business. This has been a long time coming for the small group of patients who qualify for participation under the state’s medical marijuana program.

    In 2015, Cannabidiol (CBD) was legalized for specific conditions. Since then, patients have been wondering when it will be available in dispensaries. Well, the wait appears to be over. Local reports indicate that Compassionate Cultivation in Austin opened its doors on Thursday.

    The medical marijuana dispensary is located about 25 miles south of Austin. This is the first dispensary in the entire state with cannabis oil to sell. Last month, High Times reported that Compassionate Cultivation was in the process of prepping its initial cannabis crop for extraction. The dispensary’s CEO Morris Denton said the first batch of CBD oil, commonly referred to as “Charlotte’s Web,” would be available around February. The company has made good on its word, which means patients finally have a legal connection.

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