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Discussion in 'Legal' started by GreenRabbit, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. GreenRabbit

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    Was wondering if anyone knows what happens the first time you get caught growing 16 or less plants.

    I know each state has different laws but was wondering if someone has never been in trouble with the law what the chances of a slap on the hand would be?


    I am sure a fine of some sort and maybe probation but could you get out of going to jail or prison for the first offence?
  2. A Foo Says

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    How old are you?
  3. weirdo79

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    As long as you dont get a neo con judge probably probation and a rather large fine. They count seedlings the same as a full blown ready to harvest plant just remember that.

    Move to alaska now that state doesnt give a rat's ass about prosecuting growers (personal ones that is) Only place besides British Columbia (canadian province) that has thrown out 70% of all "growing" cases.
  4. Sinsemilla Jones

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  5. primster

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    does anyone know any Canadian laws if i was living in ONT. ?
  6. cannabinoid

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    What's the deal with growing in california, is it legal?
  7. OzzyOz

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    it's not good to be caught growing, in alaska i belive your allowed to grow legally... move to BC if you want to grow without worries
  8. ontariogrower

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    Does anyone know canadian laws. I live ontario too and i would like to know what would happen if say i were growing 11 plants.

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