First Signs of Flowering ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by NewGrower, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. NewGrower

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    In this pic of someones plant the lighter green and yellow color of the top set of leaves Signs of flowering or just new growth ?

    If not that guys plant is changeing to flower at about 3 weeks don't think thats possible esp in 18/6 lighting

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  2. santacruz_organic

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    if it is in 18/6 it isnt flowering, it doesnt look to bad to me but if the leaves stay that color then i would check out the nutrient deficeincies.
  3. mattmao

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    18/6 thats not in flower it you want flower go 12/12 make sure you have no light in dark preiod.and check nutes
  4. NewGrower

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    he don't really think it needs nutes it has high soil ph its been flushed a few times with the right ph water can't seem to get the ph down it stays at 7.5 -8 and the other plants are high aswell 6.8 .7
    So do you guys think it could nute lockup with that high of a ph ?
    If so what be and good way to lower the ph in the soil
  5. unkownSuperstar

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    Hi this is my first post as I am new to all this. But I have a high soil PH, which does not suprise me as I mixed lime in with the soil. I have bought some ph down, but it is not making a huge difference. Two of my plants look the same, so I would say it was soil PH?
  6. bigsby

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    pH Down will lower the pH of the of the water but it will take quite some time to flush a soil based pH issue. You want to dial in the soil pH from the start such that when you add properly pH adjusted water the overall pH stays stable. pH down is only meant to fix the water so that pH does not change within the grow medium. It will not fix the grow medium, especially given the added lime which will take time to breakdown and flush.

    If the soil pH is wildly out of wack then you should consider re-potting with soil that is appropriate.
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  7. unkownSuperstar

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    Ah that explains it. Is ph 7.5-8 pretty bad for the plant then?
  8. moody420

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    From what I'm seeing, you don't look bad at all. It is just lighter in color because it's new growth. The leaves look healthy....I would say you have nothing to worry about. Although bigsby is giving you good PH advice.....I still say that plant looks healthy! :thumbsup:
  9. 1stgrowneedhelp

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    how dose mine look???

    this Is my first time growing, I have been growing them for almost 3 months now. can you tell me what you think or give me any tips? I have had them on 12/12 for the past week now and there growing white hairs and more nodes.

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  10. GvilleGreen

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    They're looking good. Keep up the good work - take care of your girls and they'll take care of you. :thumbsup:

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