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    E-indoor or outdoor- Indoor
    E-soil, soilless, coco, aero, or hydroponic- BushDoctor Coco Loco
    SCL-Anything you have added to the soil
    SCLR-Soil runoff pH - 7.3 corrected last night to 6.9
    E-Water source- Tap water i let sit for 24 hours 7.3 ph
    E-Source water pH- 7.3
    E-Age of plant- 48 days old, roughly 15 in flowering
    E-Type of fertilizer- General Organics GO Box, Bio Bud, CalMag,Bloom, Marine
    E-Rate of application- Water with molasses, Feed Nutes, Water with molasses, Feed Nutes etc... using 1/4 strength if it says 10ml i use 3ml if says 5ml i use 1.5ml
    E-Lighting source and distance from plant- 10"
    E-Air temperature- 70-65 degrees F 24 hours on,
    E-Air % Relative humidity- 50-60%
    E-Lighting schedule - 24 hours on for auto flowers
    E-Type of ventilation your room has- 4" Ventech Inline exhaust fan connected to carbon filter

    Ive read a lot of guides and forums and people say with the Organic GO Nuts you don't need to worry about PH... My runoff was at 7.3 close to what my water source PH is... After adding nutes PH to feed water is always 6.2-6.5 but runoff i checked 2 times in the life of plant and been 7.3-7.2... But i think if i PH'd my water to 6.5 before adding nutes PH then would be 5.5 too low? Please let me know what you guys think the problem is!
    IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2846.jpg IMG_2845.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2846.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2846.jpg IMG_2845.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2849.jpg IMG_2846.jpg IMG_2845.jpg

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