First time grower, need your opinion and advice! Thx

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    I dicided to start growing my own weed in about 2 months (Indoor). These past few days i did a lot of research about growing weed, but the more i research the more questions i have... I really want to know your opinion on my setup,Equipment & Training method that i have in mind, and awser my questions and douths.

    So i decided i'am doing to grow in a 4x4 tent (4’x4’x6’11”), This is the tent i have in mind ->

    For the light i wanted to go LED but i did some research about them and i found out that most LED don't have the Real Wattage that they say they have, and the ones that are legit are too expensive for me.

    So i leaning more towards HID/HPS Light. I was thinking about a 600w or 1000w for my space that i'am working with.(Like to have some advice about this). I want to maximize my yield as much as possible. Do i need differend lights for Veg and flowering stage ?

    I know wattage isn't the only factor that play's a role in growing weed: Training method, Experience,Temps,nutrients,PH and EC levels, ETC

    Training Method;
    I'am pretty sure i wanna do SCROG with my plants. After reading other people setups with this training method i was thinking about going with 4 plants with my space. For the pot size i don't really have a clue what the overall best pot size is for my setup.

    Growing method:
    I'am still not sure if i wanna go Soil or Hydro, I more leaning towards hydro becous i read that you have shorter veg/flower times and bigger yields becous of the bigger root grow. If soil is better for my setup i like to have more advice about it.

    I saw the Alien 55LTR Bubbler -> are they any good ? Are their any cheaping ones on the market that work great ?


    I was thinking about Critical+ 2.0 and White Widow.

    Thx Already !
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    first, real wattage comparisons of LED's compared to HID is useless... Lumens is what you need to look at, and you will find that the same amount of usable lumens results from LED's using half the wattage of HID light. Watch those assumptions... most of the time when you see a discrepancy, it is you who made the bad assumption. Then to maximize yield, use the most wattage you can afford to run and still be able to remove the heat from the tent. 600w HID is the bare minimum IMHO, and that only if you have a hood that will direct the light downward where it is needed. To get maximum yield and maximum quality I would start off with 1000w ... and in my tents I run two 600w bulbs, one HPS and one MH and I take advantage of multiple source light (fewer shadows) and multiple spectrum light. Your results will vary depending on your conditions.
    SCROG is definitely a good method to maximize yield, but it is a hell of a lot extra work compared to plants growing vertically in containers. I grew to dislike the mandatory 2-3 hours in the tent each night during the month ending veg and entering flower and was very relieved to see how much easier it was to grow 3x as many plants in the room vertically.
    If you go HYDRO you get the advantage of the possibility of high yields, if nothing goes wrong and your learning curve is fast enough. Soil provides a buffer against mistakes and out of control conditions that HYDRO encounters. I know that 100 people will tell you that HYDRO is the best, but I failed at HYDRO and I am a pretty smart cookie. Hydro was a major hassle and caused me to buy a lot of expensive crap. I happily went back to soil, and I found living soil organic methods to grow with and have never looked back. Living Organic Soil with a natural nutrient regime including compost teas and brix increasing foliar sprays are the way to go if you want to maximize the qualities of any variety of pot. Hydro can only supply what is in your store bought nutrients, whereas my natural soil and natural nutrients has so much more in it. Hydro also does NOT give you shorter veg/flower times... you have some bad information... the method has no way to change the genetics of the plant and its growing times. If you are doing things correctly you do not get bigger root growth with HYDRO either, it is just more visible. Imagine the roots that I get in a 10gal container... I suspect mine are bigger.
    Strain is dependent on your personal tastes... .and White Widow is usually one of the first people try because of its potentially high THC content... what they don't tell you is that it is moderately hard to grow this strain to it's maximum potential if you don't know what you are doing. Experiment with strains as much as you can afford... you will find some that you really really like.
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    I agree on hydro.
    Even Death Without Cause, can go south way too fast.
    I also agree that Wattage is less important than lumens.
    And lumens are less important than absorbed photons.
    That is measured in PAR. Photosynthecally Active Radiation.
    Leds can supply "favored photons".
    I only use the most efficient parts of the PAR for cannabis.

    HIDs burn 600 watts across the spectrum, most of which does not get absorbed, and is thus wasted.
    When I target the most efficient parts of the spectrum as far as plants are concerned, I get a very high acceptance of that energy.
    I pay less for the energy, and the photons that I generate provide the greatest efficacy for photosynthesis.
    And that, is how I can afford to grow in Hawaii. :)

    My veg lights actual energy consumption is 56 Watts!
    I'll repeat that for those of us on meds. 56 Watts, in an R:B array.
    And that's full on. When I use dimmers to change the R:B ration they drop as low as 49 Watts.

    And that will veg 4 plants to 2 feet high. Then I switch to the 75 Watt R:B LED chip and take them to 4 feet, then they go out in the sun.
    full boat.jpg
    We are gouged for electricity here. I'm on social security. Can't afford to grow indoors with conventional illumination

    Since I can't afford to throw money at my plants and waste most of that as well, I did a lot of research and just scienced the shit out of it.
    Going on 9 years now and my early lights are still growing strong.

    You will note that the plants are reflecting more red than blue in veg.
    I turned the blue down to get a little more stretch in veg.
    Changing the R:B ratio affects morphology.

    Sold my HID and halide a decade ago.
    It was a very good decision. :)

    Wee' zard
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    Electricity is very cheap, here. Thank You TVA...boiling water with nukes..:bananadance:
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