First time growing outside 12x30'' space

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    howdy guys,

    so its my first time growing outdoors and i wanted to build a micro stealth box that i can easily have hidden inside of a garage,

    im trying my best to get at least 2 plants growing with a good yield and not too much money spent on the whole process,
    using a fluorescent 100wat, 1050 lumen bulb with an additional 25wat mini bulb as a backup to temporarily
    preserve the plants if the big bulb fails and 3 12v desktop fans

    ive done a fair amount of research and i know the setup i have isn't 100% perfect and i don't expect to get a lot from this grow or honestly for it to even work perfectly but id figure id give it my best, i have plenty of seeds so this could always be redone

    the one big problem i have is, where i live, its getting to be winter, the box maintains a temperature of 80-85 degrees when left outside for a long period of time but after a while it droops down to around 75 (within a month time frame)
    this site from what ive seen has a lot of good and experienced growers who have grown in the worst conditions and still have gotten something so i would just like to hear some input on my current setup or even any suggestions

    thanks m8s
    bandicam 2016-10-27 11-47-02-240.jpg bandicam 2016-10-27 11-46-52-337.jpg bandicam 2016-10-27 11-46-34-704.jpg bandicam 2016-10-27 11-46-31-674.jpg bandicam 2016-10-27 11-46-00-659.jpg

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