First time sativa/soil this normal? blue dream info?!?!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by theforthdrive, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. theforthdrive

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    I have several years of growing under my belt. I always used the same method... highly commercial/yielding strains grown in hydro. upon moving to cali I thought i would pick up a sativa from a bank. The bank recommended Blue Dream.... very high yield sativa. It came in soil so i left it in soil. the plant is 5months old (extreamly slow veg period) and in its 7th week of bloom. I know that sativas have a longer bloom cycle but the bank said it was 60 days... the plant is healthy and developing but the buds have no size and no density what so ever. Is this normal for a sativa.....or because of soil? or just blue dream? anyone had any experience with blue dream? thanks!
  2. keeko

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    whats your grow setup?
  3. theforthdrive

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    Sorry.... Indoor/ 2 1000's/ ebb & flow. but the dream is in soil that i water twice a week/ co2 about 1000ppm. the dream is in a 5 gal bucket with a basic soil. Gets ph'd water twice a week or so.

    everything else in the room is normal for 7 weeks and looks healthy. the pistils have already started to turn amber on my other plants. the blue dream is still white and under developed for 7 weeks. Ill see if i can get some pics.
  4. frostymcfailure

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    did u give it any fertilizer at all?
  5. keeko

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    it would be nice to know the genitic makeup of your sativa. if its a true sativa its going to take longer than 60 days like that seedbank said.

    if its really sativa the 'buds' will probably be airy and fluffy.....kinda like your describing...i say give it time and see how the trichs do
  6. theforthdrive

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    thanks keeko, thats what i was looking for. just to make my head stop turning. only couple more posts and i can post some pics! Ive smoked some pure sativa in the dam and from the cali banks.... i cant wait until i can try my own! wish i could share!!!!!
  7. keeko

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    yea pics would be nice when you get to that post sure to update us.
  8. theforthdrive

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    for some reason i cant figure out how to get a descent close up but here is what i could get. Boths plants are at week 8! and Im happy to report that the blue dream/sativa is starting to turn! maybe a couple more weeks. In the photo where they are side by side. the left plant is silver kush and the right on is the dream! thoughts?

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  9. greenatik

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    could just be the genetics, they look good to me.

    but why are the pots only half full?
  10. SunnyD

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    Yea, that is odd
  11. theforthdrive

    theforthdrive Registered+

    LOL, thats an easy one! Im broke and rockwool is expensive. Those are 5 gal buckets, should be plenty of RW. I had so much money before I moved to cali, but things are f-ing expensive here. But Im not complaining...look what I can do! :stoned:
  12. keeko

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    looks good man, have you checked the color of the trichs yet?
  13. Dankhawk

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    Doesnt look like blue dream to me. I got a room full of her and shes way more sativa looking than those. Giant fan leaves, mad trichs by the 3rd week. It may be that its in soil but that wouldnt change the way the leaves are. BD is a nice yielder in hydro.
  14. bowlinbright

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    the blue dream i get from the club is really dense if that helps : )
  15. purplekush989

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    the last 2-3 weeks of flower are when the buds get fat. you just have to wait it out.
  16. scout4

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    hey purple kush - i'm a first time blue dream grower and have a question for a vet like you - when should I top the plants?
    I have 4 BDs 2 Sour Deisel plants, I've had them for 2 weeks, got them as clones. They're in a 4X4X6 foot indoor grow hut with a 600 mh light, can fan and oscilating fan, Botinacare nutrients.
    Since BD is such a slow grower (although mine are getting pretty big for 2 weeks) when should I top the plants? A week or two before going into flowering stage (12/12 hrs)?
  17. thabusiness00

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    but thats me

    i would top mid veg stage
  18. cigarettes42

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    pretty late advice for this guy who started this thread 2 years ago
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  19. Herbieman420

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    hey i have a blue dream in my collection and i was wondering how long did your plants take to branch out, its taking a rediculosly long time the plant is like a month and a half and there is mo branches just 6 nodes of leaves, its under 200w cfl and100w florescent in normal soil, i dont want to fertiliz because its so fucking small. its in a 1 gal pot for now and not root bound at all:wtf:

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