first time stoner stories

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by scooterjay, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. scooterjay

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    let's hear your first time stoner stories.

    i graduated HS back in '83 and went to college that fall. smoked the sinsemilla for the first time that night and listened to pink floyd "dark side of the moon". i remember the shadows cast upon the wall in our dorm room and remarking "it's all a bunch of letter r's, man". later on, i went down to the hall bathroom and had a near-religious experience jerking in the toilet. i thought i was being quiet, but when i came out of there, the majority of hall residents were waiting outside to give me a standing ovation. being stoned for the first time was bad enough, but they all gave me a new name that night....Manny Spanks. I am so glad i don't have to be eighteen again!
  2. YES

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    Hahaha. Good story. I guess that weed made you horny.

    I smoked a couple times before but never inhaled right and i rolled it myslef so it didnt burn right. But the first time i rolled right and got stoned was in my bathroom at like 10 oclock at night. I had some weed that i was supposed to be saving for the next day but i couldnt wait. I rolled one up and to my surprise it came out nice. I went in my bathroom paranoid as hell that i was gonna get caught. I cracked a window, lit it up, and started smoking. I felt that shit like 3 hits in. It was hard getting back to my room. It was real intense and i loved it. I couldnt get up off my futon and i remember that a million thoughts were traveling through my head at one time. It was great i was fucked in the head and i had such a body buzz. I passed out with a poptart in my mouth. Ive loved weed ever since.

    There were ashes in my toilet so my grams thought i was smoking a cigg and watched me like a hawk for a month. I still toked up anyway. I was too stoned to flush.
  3. bigdaddy420

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    I didn't get stoned the first time I smoked. It took 3 times before I got stoned. But when I finally did get stoned, I remember walking around my sister's yard and it felt like I was floating on air. And it was a total body buzz too.
  4. BOgart.bitch

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    i remember the first time i smoked, but not the first time i got stoned haha.

    the first time i smoked was after school on the last day of my freshman year. i had detested weed previous to this.. but my best friend finally convinced me to do it with her.. "just once" haha.. so we found her cousin (because neither of us had any pot background and no idea how to get any.. but her cousin was/is a major pot head and helped us out..) anyway.. we walked home with her.. went into this little back part of the old elementary school i used to goto.. and toked up.. i was told that i smoked like a duck.. or i looked like a duck when i smoked.. either way. (i couldnt actually smoke a joint right until just recently, but i never really needed to since everyone under the age of 20 around here uses pipes anyway, for some reason, ive noticed that older potheads prefer joints). but i didnt get high my first, second, third, or fourth time (something like that) but i DID get tired. i do remember the first time i got stoned my body started to tingle whenever i moved and it freaked me out, i hated that feeling so i would only smoke till i was buzzed.. now i enjoy it either way :D

    ohh and scoot.. about getting caught jacking off.. haha.. dont worry, i masturbate EVERY time i get high.. that shit makes me as horny as fuck. i loveee to orgasm after smoking <3
  5. Lola

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    I passed out getting high for the first time:( Yes i know i was a fucking lightweight:p
  6. iliketosmoke

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    the first time i got high was 9 years ago when i was 14 me and 2 friends met up after school and we went in some woods and fired it up!!!!!! well i live in michigan and it was winter ya know michigan means cold . anyways......we smoked the j and i felt a little buzz everything was a ok untill we went inside of a stoor the warm air of that stoor really intensified my high and then i realized ......holy shit im blowed off my ass here.well i was really paranoid that i would see my mom or maybe somebody that knew her so my friends had to get me out of there and chill me out but i remember being high all day after that it was a blast.
  7. king cola

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    my firsty weed experience was going round to a mates house party adn his mum didnt mind us smoking weed there so we aquired an 1/4 of soapbar and we all went and smoked it all through a pipe and eveybody took loads not knowing the effects yet and everybody got to that so stoned a state that eyelids feel like they have weights tied to them, i have never looked back!
  8. givemesomeweed

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    i didnt get high the first 3 times i smoked or 4 well i dont really remember but i had a huge body buzz the first time i got high
  9. givemesomeweed

    givemesomeweed Registered+

    how the fuck do i have 128 post already
  10. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    My first time I just coughed a lot and didn't feel anything. I didn't try it again for over a year after that. Then I discovered what it did...that part is still pretty fuzzy :confused: ... well, that's probably a good sign.

    CANADIANHERB Registered

    Man the first time i got really ripped was on the last day of school in grade 8. i met up with a friend of mine that smoked and he brought his homemade bong. we found this place at the back of a park that you could sneak through to some train tracks. the sides of this place were all wooded so we sat down and smoke like 5 bowls and i was FUCKED off my ASS. my friend almost got eaten by some hobo dog and i passed out at home. ive been hooked since.

    Happy token
  12. wardrobe grower 78

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    i dare say ive been smokin since i was 13,26 now so i reckon smokin 13 years lol,anyhows ive never decided to myself id better have a 5 fingered shuffle in the toilets of college pml thats just fuckt up man
  13. Prozac fairy

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    hmmmm my first time gettin stoned...was a bit crap lunch time at school went to this field- my mate rolled a joint and we did traffic lights,,,didnt get very stoned dont think i was takin it in properley. The second time i dun it wwas at the graveyard....i rolled the best joints i had ever made and me and mymate lit up it was good shit and man cud we feel it. i was on the floor rollin around wit him,,,laughin our tits of about the Lombard direct advert.....hmmmm now i dont see wat is so funny about it

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