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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Bohemian, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Bohemian

    Bohemian Registered

    Hi all, I'm new here!

    I was wondering if you could all help me by giving me an idea of what to expect.

    I'm 15 years old, and Ive got the opportunity to try out some weed at weekend with my mate, and I wondered what it will be like.
    What does getting high feel like?
    How long will it take to get sober again?
    Any other info I should know?

    Steve :Rasta:
  2. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    dude you will loveit i did if u dont fell anything just keep smoken
  3. Bohemian

    Bohemian Registered

    cool, what will actually happen?
  4. daves19

    daves19 Registered+

    just dont expect anything otherwise, you won't feel what you should...but don't smoke too much first, but if you do smoke too much nothing bad will happen!!! thats what is great about pot, if you have a bad trip it's not harmful, you will only feel paranoid that is easy to control!! So just put in your favorite cd, or if you like soft music it is the best! the high is comparable to when you are fighting aginst your sleep, but you are a lil more lost and you might laugh a lil!!
  5. daves19

    daves19 Registered+

    by the way ! think of us when you'll light it!!! :D :stoned:
  6. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    its teh best feeling in teh world
  7. dirty raider

    dirty raider Registered+

    Take it easy and just enjoy yourself. If your toking with someone whos experienced then don't feel temted to try and keep pace. Don't feel too put off if you don't get high the first few times aparently some people don't.
  8. daves19

    daves19 Registered+

    true!! the first time i tried i wasn't high, and for almost a year! but once you know what it feels like, your body remembers what is the feeling and that is why your tolerence will go down(meaning you will need less and less pot to get high) :dance: ...if you don't smoke too much! :stoned:
  9. rollinKansas

    rollinKansas Registered+

    if i were u i would expect the munchies, comedy, and forgetfull ness, mixed with good times, and atleast an hour or two or being ripped, make sure u hit the chron for ur first time~
  10. jailer3000

    jailer3000 Registered+

    dude just try not to overthink.....dont try to pick out wats different cuz if u do that u wont feel it....u will be able to act completly normal in like a couple hours even if u get completly smacked off ur ass......just let ur mind float free...happy tokin man
  11. Shai Hulud

    Shai Hulud Registered+

    You probably won't get high the first time. Depending on the quality of what you're smoking, you may start to feel what I call "fuzzy-headed." This can happen when you're smoking low-potency cannabis, and it's not the same as being high. It took me six attempts to get high, and the sixth was a very high dose. I sincerely doubt you will experience any paranoia the first time you get high. The first is usually blissful beyond anything you've ever experienced.

    As for what it feels like, if you DO get high, you will know. At first you will just feel very relaxed and pleasant. Then the feelings of euphoria will become more intense. You may find that you have a greater appreciation of everything around you: friends, music, movies, and life in general. You may find you're thinking about things in ways you never have before. Your thinking may also be disorganized, and you might find everything humorous. Your heartrate will probably increase somewhat, but this is normal and nothing to worry about. You may even start to hallucinate if you have a very high dose (I did my first time). If you do, just enjoy the trip. After one to three hours of feeling this way, the high will start to diminish slightly and you will probably get hungry. Food tastes absolutely delicious. Treat yourself to something tasty. After another hour or so, your head will get more cloudy and you will probably start feeling sleepy and sedated. You can toke up again to avoid the sleepiness, but it will come on more heavily at a later time.

    The most important thing to remember is to relax and not worry. Just enjoy the experience. If you don't get high this weekend, don't worry about it. Just try again sometime, and eventually you will get high.

    As for how long it takes to get sober, you will be pretty sober five to six hours after smoking, but you will probably be sleepy. If you smoke in the evening (which is what I recommend), you will sleep wonderfully and when you wake up the effects will mostly be gone. You may feel slightly fuzzy-headed the next day, but it's not unpleasant at all. In fact, I often experience a very pleasant afterglow well into the next evening.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck to you and have fun.
  12. deathbyvalley

    deathbyvalley Registered+

    lol, smoke when you're sitting down, and smoke a lot. then stand up really fast and try not to fall down, lol. i love doing that...i always fall on my butt, though it's really funny
  13. BiG WiCkEd

    BiG WiCkEd Registered+

    Like a couple peepz in here already said, U probably wont get high your first time. I didn't get high until like my 3rd time. But juz in case you're one of these folks that say they got high they're first time, smoke as much as you can, cuz U can't pass out/die off of weed, ever. So relax and blaze up man, and dont forget about us if while you fly high.
  14. rysk8er420

    rysk8er420 Registered+

    Dont listen to those guys, not getting high the first time, its bullshit if you ask me. Its not like the THC gets into your body, but doesnt affect anything, the only reason you dont get high is if you dont inhale porperly. Its not like the first time you drink, you dont get drunk.

    Just make sure when you do smoke that you arent smoking the weed like a cigarette(small puffs blown out quickly), but like you should smoke weed(long hits held in for up to five seconds).

    If You take my advice and take huge rips and hold in your hits, you will get high and i gurantee you will love it.

    Also make sure you have some munchies on hand and visine in case the parents are around, the high should last 1-3 hours depending on the weed and how much you smoke. :Rasta:
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  15. Shai Hulud

    Shai Hulud Registered+

    Shut the fuck up, you arrogant, know-nothing twat. You cannot deny experience. I didn't get high until the SIXTH TIME I smoked weed, and I've never changed the way I inhale. I knew the first time to inhale and hold it in my lungs several seconds. Don't go assuming your own first time encapsulates the scope of human experience.
  16. 50BagOfGreens

    50BagOfGreens Registered+

    put some slow music on like stairway to heaven, and then sink into your thoughts.
  17. BiG WiCkEd

    BiG WiCkEd Registered+

    How the fuck r u goin 2 say i didn't inhale properly the first times? Were you Mr. Muthafucker and was there when I was gettin high? I smoked cigz be4 bud and knew exactly how to inhale a joint, sumthin I had seen everyday cuz my older brothers used to smoke everyday. So before you come up in here talkin all that nonsense, get your fuckin facts straight and quit actin like a know-it-all lil bitch.
  18. jailer3000

    jailer3000 Registered+

    u guys chill out.......its not worth gettin into a huge argument over........weed is bout peace and bringin ppl together not biting each others heads off......u guys shuld be ashamed of urselves :(
  19. Bohemian

    Bohemian Registered

    Thanks for all your help guys- Ill let you all know how i get on
  20. MRP

    MRP Registered+

    just finda chill time period like4-5 hours were nobody's gonna bother you smoke pop in some tunes your favortie movie and something to eat and drink and just chill.

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