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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by MRB041, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. MRB041

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    Ok Im planning to pick up an ounce of kb today, and im gonna use 1/4 for brownies tomarrow. I think this will be enough becuz its real sick bud.

    Im planning to eat them with some friends that never smoked pot b4 in their life. Some people dont get high their first time, and others say it is a myth. Or maybe becuz its they dont know how to take good hits.

    Well my question is if i cook up some brownies, will they get high if its there first time ever using pot? I plan on makin a batch of 9 brownies so thats a little less than a gram in each. I plan on charging a little bit of money becuz its expensive as shit to buy a 1/4 for everybody. And I would feel like a douche bag if i made my friends pay and none of them got high.

    What do u guys think?
  2. RedRainDrop

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    I think when people say you never get high your first time, its bogus. i got high as a fucking kite my first time and i think this myth was started by people who didnt know how to toke right on their first times. Anyways, im REALLY sure that ur friends will get mega fucked if each brownie contains a little less than a gram of quality kronik. But for their first time, you should tell them to eat a brownie each, and wait for the effects, when the effects start to wear down, tell them to eat another. i guess it depends on how many of your friends will be there. Have fun getting stoned tommorow! And post your trip report!
  3. marinesf22

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    well, I think the reason people dont get high there first time is because they do it with there friends who havent smoked ever either, so they dont take real hits, they just take it in and blow it in like a cig, thats what i did with my friends at least
  4. MRB041

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    Well my friends dont smoke bud, but I finally got them to agree to eat some bud brownies. So this way they dont have to worry about takin good hits right? Just let the brownies do all the work.

    And I have another question. Me and my friend just went out and go 2 sticks of butter and some cheese cloth. My friend says that you have to make the cannabutter to make good brownies, but my brother told me that when he makes them they just add the butter and the bud right into the mix and it works fine.

    Can anyone help me out here? Do I need to make the cannabutter? Or can I just add butter and bud

    And if I do make cannabutter, how long should i boil it? On almost every online recipe it says to boil it for 15-30 minutes, but my friend keeps tellin me that u need to let it boil for at least 2 hours for all the thc to soak up in the butter. What do u guys think?
  5. sawleaf

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    Hey MRB041, check the BROWNIE thread in the recipe forum. We had a great talk about this a while back. Making cannabutter is the best way to extract the THC and get it into your food. It will make it easier for your body to absorb the THC into your bloodstream. I usually use a 1/4 of good kindbud to make 6-8 brownies. They are mind destroyers! Get ready to drool. :)
  6. Supportradicalhabits

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    be careful with giving people brownies. It is NOT the same as smoking, the effects are different and longer lasting. So you could possibly turn people away from marijuana which no one wants
  7. MRB041

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    True, so you think I should cut smaller brownies? Or maybe put a little less weed it them. I dont want any of my friends freakin out.
  8. sawleaf

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    If you are using 1/4 cut smaller ones. Also tell your friends that it can take up to 2 hours for the effects to kick in. Make sure they don't eat a lot brfore the down the brownies. :)
  9. Kevin Spencer

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    ticho ticho

    I think, atleast from personal experience, i would put close to a whole o in. But that costs quite a bit, but since i have a pretty strong tolerance, u gotta do what u gotta do. I have never tried only a quarter in awhole batch of brownies, make sure to post results
  10. MRB041

    MRB041 Registered+

    Well my brother put 1/2 of mersh in his batch and that got everyone fucked up, so Im pretty sure 1/4 of kb will fuck everyone up more. If you put a whole O of kb or dank or whatever u call high quality bud, than thats crazy. The fat molecules in butter can only hold so much thc. So eirther your wasting a lot of bud or ur using like 4 sticks of butter which would make the brownies taste like shit.

    Oh and I wont be makin the brownies today becuz my guy couldnt come through even when he guaranteed it. Bullshit. I need to find a reliable source, like a grower in PA or somethin. So Ill try to get an O tonight but its gonna be hard. I have another thread about finding a grower. How can I find one?????
  11. sawleaf

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    MRB041, you are right, you can only disolve a certain amount of THC into the butter, therefore if you were going to use an ounce, then you'd have to make a whole lot of brownies or tou are going to waste most of the bud you filter out of the butter. The recipe that I use originally calls for only an 1/8 of good quality buds, but I doubled it. They are very potent. You will definately be fine with just a 1/4 in it. I don't see how anyone can eat space cakes or THC brownies and not get high. A gram of buds in a lot of THC to have in your bidy. Smoking it wastes so much in resin, second hand smoke, and exhaled smoke.
  12. MRB041

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    Aight good news. I picked up 1/2 today, so im goin be makin the brownies tomarrow. Some of the newcomers did back out though. Oh well, more for me and the rest of us. Ill post the trip report about it tomarrow.

    Oh and I recieved the email earlier today about the free salvia 5X extract and they said they shipped it out today. So maybe it will come in tomarrow and we can smoke some while we are waiting for the brownies to kick in. :D
  13. MRB041

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    Ok the brownies turned out awesome. We ran into a little problem making the cannabutter though. Eirther we didnt put enough water in while it was simmering or we didnt stir it enough because it burned a little. So after we drained out the buds, we got the real dark green liquid butter. We boiled/simmered the buds again to see if we could get any more thc out of them but most of it was already gone. We smoked a bowl when we finished makin the butter, than we made the brownies. They were done at like 10:45 and we ate at around 11. I was comin down from my high from smokin when I felt it kick in. It must have been around 12 and I got real stoned again. I didnt feel like moving and neither did anyone else. My one friend who never smoked before was just laughing his ass off the entire time. We were all pretty high till about 6 or 7, than we all passed out in my basement. We woke up at 9 and went to my friends party, but we were all way too tired to drink with them. I was really fuckin tired. We went home at like 11:30 and I went right to sleep.

    Overall good time. Thanks for the help :D
  14. 420 day is every day

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    the one time me and my friends made brownies was for a special occasion
    it was the last day of school after graduation
    and for safty all the kids go to this huge sports complex
    theres video games, bumper cars, mini golf
    anything you can possibly think off and for free all night/morning long
    we just cooked the weed in with the butter for a good 2 hours
    untill the butter turned dark green
    let them cool off and ate them on the way there
    it was amazing, you dont get high, you start tripin
    it was the greatest time i ever had
    with my best friends that i always will remeber
    cant wait for my next brownie exsperience
  15. shortlilartist

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    ok. 1st off, i smoke now, and have always inhaled...the first 2 times i smoke a lot and it didnt affect me at all. then the 3rd time i got wicked high. i think it depends on the person. im sure some ppl dont get high bc they are not inhaling but i know that i was smoking it just like i do today and i couldnt get high my first time. BUT anyways: i just made POT BROWNIES yesterday. i used 1/2 ounce of pretty good weed. i read one place to cook it for hours, but most said 25-30 mins. i shreded the weed, then took out the big pieces of stems. then i cooked it in oil on low heat for 30 mins. i ate one reg size brownie and i was baked for 8 hours. so i def dont think its neccessary to cook it longer, im pretty sure all the thc came out. it was great.
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  16. Italiano715

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    It really does make a difference on how long IMO....I personally have made brownies and space cake in both ways. I first made brownies the first batch cooking it for about 45 min in the oil. The first batch got me nice for about 5 hours. Then on the 2nd batch I cooked the mixture for about 3 hours on REALLY LOW and I was baked for the whole day on the second batch off one brownie! It took about an hour to kick in, but when it did, WHOA! Was not what I was expecting.

    I seem to learn that everything done slowly always turns out better when it comes to cannabis, but that's just me! :thumbsup:
  17. sal4m4nd3r

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    I'm in a similar situation. If i may hijack this thread for moment...

    I have 2 friends that have never smoked before. want to eat for the first time. I was thinking 5 grams for 6 brownies. 3 for me and the two friends, and an extra for me and my friend who has smoked with me for a long time. (two seperate occaisions)

    so 5 grams for 1 pot of brownies, cut into 6 pieces. the two girls and i each eat one. for first timers..does this sound like an ok method?
  18. EciRonTog

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    Dunno I've gotten tons of edibles from the club and they never seem to have any effect.

    I'm sure part of that is right when I get home from the club I'm also taking fat bong tokes of whatever else I just got but aren't edibles supposed to affect you above and beyond what you get from just toking up?
  19. lamapot

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    Alot of clubs like to use their trim, try making your own.
  20. MichToker360

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    I think if its true kine bud, and your using a quarter of it to make brownies, your being wasteful. I usually use like five grams of regs for one batch. KB should absolutely wreck you if you use three or four. a Quarter of kb in one batch is like shooting a fly with a bazooka.

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