Fish Emulsion....when/how to use it???

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Hazemaster, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hazemaster

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    My seedlings are about 3 weeks old and I just started to feed them DYNA-GROW (7-9-5).

    I also have some fish Emulsion, how often should I use it and how? Container says once a month.

  2. xxxhazexxx

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    do what it says on the container:thumbsup:
  3. Hazemaster

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    Container has different directions for different applications. Roses and garden flowers, house plants, vegetables, etc. Not sure how much to use, please advise.
  4. RonnieRay

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    carefull with that

    Be carefull with that fish emulsion, especially if you already have soil bug probs. That shit can really step up soil born insect problems. Use a mix of sand, pea gravel, and DE on the top 1 inch of the surface. It will both prevent soil born insects, and also make it easier to water at a higher speed without the water disturbing the soil and making a hole.
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  5. Blunted22

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    dude i bought some today on my bottle it had diff directions for seedlings, grow and bloom. grows at a diff hosue so i couldnt tell you for sure though sorry
  6. Blunted22

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    i know for veg and bloom its one cap per gallon every 2 weeks
  7. stinkyattic

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    Another useful fish goo application is what I used to do back in the day, which was on my final transplant into 3 gallon pails that the plants would finish in, I would mix about 2 tablespoons of undiluted fish emulsion really well into the soil. This avoided the yellowing at the end of the plant's life, and as the roots grew into the new soil, they would access the added Nitrogen and Calcium the fish goo provides.
    But yeah, I had thrips. Boo, thrips.

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