fist time grower using a hydroponics/bubbleponics system

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by ROLLiiTuP, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. ROLLiiTuP

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    hey guys . this is my first time attempting to grow my own weed . im going for the hydro/bubble system . it seems easier and i can get a hold of the items neccesary pretty easily . but i have a couple of questions . any help is greatly appreciated . 1st , will any strain grow with this system . can i use a az strain ? i know its pretty shitty but i want to get a hold of growing before i attempt anything better . 2nd , how should i start growing my seedlings ? in dirt , or a medium ? and how do i transfer them ( how long should i wait before putting them into the hydro/bubble system ) ? lastly , im planning on using cfls , how many should i get , and how many watts should they be ?? . thanks 4 any help givin guys !!!!
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    I'm pretty far from being green fingered and have to get help from the guys on here, but...I'm sure you can grow any strain on your setup, get a coffee filter, wet it, place seeds in, then wrap it up in a polly bag and keep it in a nice cosy place till the root pops, looking every few hours after letting it sit 12 hours, make sure to keep it moist, then add it to your medium, just place the seed root down into being rockwool or the likes...if i was you I'd try and get between 3 and 4, 42w cfl I've seen people do it with 2,...a guy i know does it from start to finish under hps 250w though at the start it's a waste of cash, good luck and hope my info isn't a pile of pish lol
  3. ROLLiiTuP

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    thanx 4 the info man ! but r u sure that ANY strain will grow under hydro system ??
  4. Mctaggz

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    I've never seen any seeds that's not for hydro, outside seeds? but I'm sure if you had a hydro outside they'd be great too, know what i mean?
  5. Mctaggz

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    and no probs bro glad i could help, all i've ever seen being said about hydro is they grow better in them, never they can't be grown in them....good luck bro
  6. tinytoon

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    Hydro is just basically the elimination of dirt. If it will grow in dirt then I'm sure the right person can grow it in Hydro :thumbsup:
  7. GetThisOrDie

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    Whats up...

    In my experience with CFL, the more the better. Also the bigger the better lol.
    The main thing to worry about with CFLs is even though they are flouros, they still can put out a ton of heat and will burn and plants that touch them. Your CFLs should be limited to your cooling. The better cooling you have the more CFLs and the bigger you can go. Ive seen great results on these forums with 125w CFLs with reflective hoods but 23w are the most commonly used in arrays.

    Ive used up to 14 CFLs in a cab before. Just had to up my cooling.
    Plus the more bulbs you have the more points of light to penetrate your canopy. Hope my info helps!

    Also you might already know that 6400k bulbs for veg and 2700k for flower!
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  8. disrupt86

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    well if u want a simple foolproof way to just get them going.go get your self some rapid rooter,a 10 doller 2 ft dual flouro strip and germ your seeds,i pre soak rapid rooters and plant your seed,leave them in a starter trey with the light strip about 8 inches up for the first day then drop them down to 2 finger about a week or 2 take your freshly rooted plants and put them into the system with the light the same distance from the plants fill your net pots about an inch,then set your seedling inside and lightly back fill around the rapid rooter.dont cover it though u want to be able to touch it and feel if its dry,hand water 2 or 3 times for the first several days with your system running at the same time.once there about 5 inches or have a second set of alternating leaves go ahead and back this point to the roots should be at water level and u wont have to water again by hand.wait 4 months and your smoking.
  9. ROLLiiTuP

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    good look out on the advice everyone ! if u guys have more 2 say feel free . im listening lol :thumbsup:
  10. LOC NAR on probation

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    Any beans can be chronic or hydro. Yes the genetics may not be the best but it will be hella good.
  11. HawaiianMJ2010

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    Remember it's a weed...and weeds grow pretty damn good anywhere. I have seen the serious high-tech set-ups, the organic cloning stations and hydro set-ups. They are nice and expensive.(my peeps got serious cash) I drop my seeds in a coffee filter until they sprout then plant them in miracle grow. I just dropped a seed in some dirt a week a go and the sprout is 2 inches high already!! It works great! and the grow fast...but hey I live in HI...everything grows great here ok!! Experiment with the cheap seeds!! When you get ready to be serious about what strain you want to grow, then think about what you want to invest. Dirt is cheap!

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