flavor spray?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by dogglet, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. dogglet

    dogglet Registered

    i found this website selling foliar sprays that flavor growing tobacco plants, they have a whole assortment of flavors Choclate, wintergreen, menthol look at and see..

    this stuff should work on weed plants right? for fun.
  2. stoned88911

    stoned88911 Registered+

    duno that sounds cool.
  3. JohnnyZ

    JohnnyZ Registered+

    I don't trust it man. It obviously alters something on a chemical level if you spray it during growth.. Who knows man. It could cause cancer or something crazy. I don't drink Redbull for that same reason.. I just have this feeling that in 10 years they're gunna come out with a study that says energy drinks give you cancer. No thank you to that. Get some Juicy Fruit or Blueberry if you don't like the taste of regular weed.

    It could just be the naturalist in me, but spraying weed to make it taste different is just plain wrong.
  4. bonsaiguy

    bonsaiguy Registered+

    I agree with Johnny...this can't be a good idea. Good weed tastes good. (admittedly it's an acquired taste) Why make it taste like cherries or chocolate. One of the reasons I'm baffled as to why anyone would want to hollow out a grape flavored stogie and fill it with reefer. Just reinforces my belief that some humans are a complete waste of good water.
  5. dogglet

    dogglet Registered

    well it stems from my girlfriend... who normal days loves the taste of weed...but during that time of the month she dosen't like the taste BUT nothing relevies the cramps like a toke of my home gown according to her... and between US it is the only way i can be around her during this time... so it is rather form over function. so i was doing some research, and besides molasses which i already use IS their anything else... and i ran across that site
    Tobacco Flavorings for Home Grown Tobacco

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  6. sensistar

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    sounds unscientific,it would be all over high times or here if it was being wide used,i agree with johhny and friends dont waste your crop or even a precious bud on something all the (cool) kids arent doing.

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