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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by QueBud, Feb 19, 2005.

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    This article is taken from an old timer growbook that i have and i thought i'd share it with you as it might be usefull to some.

    "It is strongly advised that any flavourings be applied to only a sample,say a few joints worth.
    Being stuck with a kilo of some drab flavor like avocado flavored weed may get to be a bit much,especialy in the bleakness of february.
    Do only a bit at a time to see how you like it.

    Most flavourings will fade away if exposed to air,so keep any flavoured cannabis in a tightly sealed jar,as a bag wont do.

    Suggested flavourings

    Bottled essences:
    menthol,spearmint,vanilla,maple,peppermint,fruits. (smear some on to a cotton ball and put in the jar)

    Real fruit:
    lemon,lime,orange,grapefruit,apples.(use the peals only and put a little piece into jar)

    Real flowers:
    rose,lilas,fruit blossoms and other flowers.(put some in the jar)

    cinnamon,nutmeg,cloves,rosemary,camomille.(use a tea bag,cut a corner off and empty it and refill with spices and staple the corner and put in jar)

    wine,port,sherry,wiskey.(smear some on to a cotton ball and put in the jar)

    Flavouring mediums to avoid

    When sugar burns,it burns hot and gives off a hot,black carbon smoke,to avoid a carbon smoke,it might be wise to stay clear of:

    any soda pop,
    maple syrup or sugar,
    Anything containing sugar."

    Hope this helps,

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  2. MedicalMarijuana

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    flavoring is done to the root media
  3. QueBud

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    That is not what this thread is about,its about flavouring your weed after drying and curing.

  4. Revelation

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    True. Nice thread. You can also try dipping the freshly harvested buds in oils that you can make out of many of those ingredients. Then you let them cure and dry as normal. It is similar to how they add flavor to certain fine cigars.

    Canola oil is cheap but has a slight after taste. Its not to bad if you use the right medium along with it. Ive even hear of olive oil used with italian herbs like oregano, rosemary, basil, etc. It is said to make certain strains (the more earthy flavored ones) take like pasta or pizza. In general, you try to bring out the buds inate flavoring. If its sweet, you use fruits, or citrus. If is floral, use flowers, and so on.

    There are also oils that they make specificaly for curing cigars, but they are more expensive to buy. They are also harder to find, unless to have a high end cigar shop nearby.
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    Not to be rude, but weed taste's good just as it is
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    I agree.. if you have to flavour your weed after you harvest. you're doin something wrong
    however, if you doin it just to get the flavour of...whatever it is you're flavouring it with. i certainly wouldn't flavour an entire harvest.. and if you HAVE to flavour your weed because you just can't smoke it the way it is.. then you're growin shitty weed.

    either way.. there's some different methods of tryin it..
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    Here's what I did that I liked,..I put 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground cloves and some tangerine peel in a piece of cotton fabric, tied it at the top and set it in my jar, it did improve the flavor a lot.
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    let it grow natural
  9. down.in.the.dirt

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    questions about flavouring

    okay, i am currently flavouring my weed. i put lemon peel without the inner white peel on it inside a plastic bag, rolled it tight and sealed it with about 2 grams of weed inside. Can anyone tell me if this work, or is the fact that it is not in a jar just ruin it and make my efforts pointless? and how long should the weed stay in the jar (or bag) with the peel?

  10. latewood

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    it might mold
  11. down.in.the.dirt

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    so in a jar, it definately won't mold? and how long do you think it would take for mold to start? and does anyone know how long to keep the peel in with the weed?
  12. nomadherbman

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    just watch it like a hawk.....

    take the bud out fo the jar and if it smells like it your good to go.

    also, buy an ounce of schwag.. de seed it and do the same....then sell it as headies for 3 times the price....
  13. stickygreenlightsabr

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    Then get shanked in an alley for trying to sell baking soda as coke.
  14. down.in.the.dirt

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    yeah, ok I made a big mistake, i didn't watch it and it molded cause i left it in too long. yeah im one of those people who doesn't have a very good perception of time and it molded cause i left peel in the bag for like 3 or 4 days..i really have no clue how long it was in there..and so i totally screwed up and wasted like almost 2 grams of weed.im so ashamed, and I AM NEVER doing that again.
  15. sheist

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    okay say i wanted apple flavored weed...

    I did a post about this a while ago n was told to put the fruit in the soil 2weeks into flowering (if i'm correct)

    could this idea work? ->
    put the apple into a grinder.. like a mixer.. put it in a pot.. then fill with water n boil..
    i figured the idea might be able to do somethin, as boiling it will/should release the flavor, like boiling chicken makes chicken broth..

    now take into mind i'm goin hydroponic...

    when the water is cooled, use it to to water the plants during the flowering... possibly in veg too?
  16. sheist

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    ur taking this all wrong, we're not doin this to mask our fuckups.. we're doin this recreationally.. kinda like how u see flavored tobacco, etc..

    this was where u went wrong.. when ur harvesting, u dryin the weed.. now ur attempts to dry the weed failed because u put lemon peels in it.. they contain moisture, u basically overdosed it and kept it in there..

    ....ok... but did it taste like the cinnamon, etc..? was it noticeable? like "oh wow.. this shit taste liek cinnamon!" ???

    I'll try out the "broth" way i mentioned, then do the apple peel curing thing as well (if the plant turns out unaffected),
  17. Krippysmoker

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    Well now the easiest way to flavor your flowers can be found in any High Times magazine. They sell these drops that you put on your dried ready to smoke buds. I personally have not tried them but I have friends that swear its delicious....and theres like 20 flavors to choose from. Its called Tasty Puff and it sells for 6 bottles of flavor for 25.00 To many to list. Web site is

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    [gotta put this... "The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 3 characters."]
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    How Sweet

    The sweeter and the fresher oranges are then even rind included ,pieces that are good for a nice sealed 3 days,then remove piece
    (s),give buds a good warm dry dark burp ,then new slice(s) added giving the curing buds another 3 sweetened days until the next dry burp. Dry burp at least 6 hours before adding a new sweet slice of orange in the seled container for a cold fridge,2-3 days then dry burp 12 hours,2 days then dry burp 18 hours,and buds have orange smell and taste sweetly added to the soon smokable buds. Try 1/8 orange slice with about 1oz . mmm its a fine memory how the buds burnedback slowjuicy and orangyllike when I did the cure recipe with a freshharvested plant .I'l give another plant the treatment someday 'and most liking orange are sure to love it licking lips of some added orangeness.
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