Flower ETA for AK-47? Time period for AK47?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Sureal13, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Sureal13

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    Am wondering the flower time period of a usual ak-47 strain? What should be expected for this strain?

  2. dlovejah

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    If your talking about the real deal
    Ak-47 your looking at a 9 week flowering time of some of the dankest, couchlocker you can find.... Take a good hit of Ak and your throat feels furry with trichomes.... This is is the best IMO of a kick in the head knockout. Welcome to DaveyJOnes locker... Good luck with da grow mate...:Rasta:
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  3. Nimbliez

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    Get yerself a jewler's loop, it's a 30 power magnifier, and put an eyeball on the buds of your plant. When you hear that AK is a 9 weeker it's basically a guesstimate. Depending on your grow, how well it went, low stress, perfect pH, most excellent feeding, then 9 weeks may be close. Most grows, with the exception of Stinkyattic's have issues, which will lengthen the flower period. So get that loop, look at the trichomes, and harvest when most of your buds show light amber to amber color trichomes. The lighter the color, the more UP the high, darker trichomes indicates THC is reducing and CDB's are increasing, producing a couchlock effect. All I got to say about "how long"

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  4. Neko150

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    ^^ You've got the flowering time right, but the process swapped - over time, THC increases as CBD decreases (which is when bud progresses from indica to sativa). The lighter the color, the less THC and more CBD is in the trichrome stalk, meaning the more "down" the high (indica - couchlock - etc).

    You don't want to exceed 8-9 weeks flowering as this will increase THC and reduce CBD: as the phenols and turpenes progress from the base to the stalk of the trichrome, CBD is biosynthesized into THC. As time passes, THC increases as CBD decreases, which is not what you want to do with an indica. Indicas reach maturity quicker than sativas. Less THC, more CBD. The greater the ratio of CBD to THC = indica (AK-47 has a much greater ratio of CBD to THC).

    As time goes on, and flowering reaches the 10-16 week period, THC increases as CBD decreases (as it is being biosynthesized into THC). The greater the ratio of THC to CBD = sativa. Sativas take longer to mature, generally 10-16 weeks, more time is used to build up THC producing a more cerebral, "trippy" UP high.
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  5. stoned88911

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    ak47 vs ak48 Witch is better, i just ordered some ak 48 seeds.
  6. Neko150

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    I haven't heard of AK48 - but you can't ask questions like "which one is better." That's like asking someone if chocolate or vanilla ice cream is "better". Personal preference, what effect you're going for, what type of pain you're having (if any), etc... determines which strain would work better for you.
  7. stoned88911

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    ha ya i guess ur right,
    when i say witch one is better i mean,..... dam its hard to think of what to say.

    So how about can anyone give comparisons on the two types of high......

    If you want to see the ak-48 i baught go to seedboutique.com under Nirvana seeds.
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  8. milmad43

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    No contest...

    Serious Seeds Ak47 is hella stronger than Nirvana's Ak48...I've done both and the original blows away the copy....Had the Lemon/citrus Ak47 pheno..
  9. silent leprechaun

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    I have a few AK47s in their 6th - 7th week of bloom. are you telling me that it will take 10 - 16 weeks of flowering before I can harvest ?

    I am also using LED lighting which I hear can prolong the bloom by 2 weeks or so. That could end up as 18 weeks of flowering !

    Should I leave them bloom for 10 weeks + or harvest earlier ? I have a 60x microscope and all the trichomes are clear and not milky or amber.

    Don't I want to increase the THC levels in the trichomes ?
  10. kayakush

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    ak 47 is better than ak 48.....like they say, the original is better than the copy. one if my favorite strains. never grown it so cant help u but the fellow tokers definitely have good advice
  11. gigimarga

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    Hey Neko150, what are you smoking that makes you confuse amber trichomes for THC?

    THC (cloudy white) degrades to CBD (amber)

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