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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by pickUpHerb, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. pickUpHerb

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    I created a store because I could not find a useful Kief scooper.

    Every good grinder should come with a kief scoop, but for some reason all of them are complete crap. They are either too small, not rounded, or hard to grab. Hopefully I have remedied the problem with this modified guitar pick. Every order will come with 2 picks, one with a pink pineapple and the other with Clayton USA logo. These picks are THICK, which prevents them from flinging your weed all over the table as you are trying to scoop.

    The link to etsy so you can check it out.

    I welcome feedback!

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  2. Orneryman

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    looks like a bent guitar pick.
  3. Pupp

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    Exactly. The OP: "...with this modified guitar pick."
  4. Orneryman

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    Yeah I looked at the picture and posted before I read the whole thing lol. MB on that but still $11 bucks for a bent guitar pick is not worth IMO. To the OP, sorry for being straight forward, but good luck with your business. To add, its a great idea btw. I agree with not being able to get the keef out efficiently and this is a great remedy.
  5. Pupp

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    I didn't really look at the price. That is a lot. Seems like a dental pick would be adequate, then just turn the grinder over and tap gently to get the kief out.

    Buying in bulk, guitar picks are less than fifty cents apiece.

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