flowering charactaristics of an indica dominant strain

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    these photos were taken of the same cola every week to week and a half I am currently on week 7 of flowering and I will continue to post more pictures of this cola as it develops.

    I think Cannabis is such an amazing plant, and I am sooooo happy to be a member here as well as at thegrowreport forums.

    as Zandor says "2007 is the year of the home grower"

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    good shit man i go into flower in 1 week i cant fucking wait!!
  3. bio-green-grower

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    that'll be awesome man, I wish you and your plant(s) the best of my good vibrations and I hope that you score some Females!
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    The buds got so much more dense this week it seems(pic 3 is last week - & pic 4 is from earlier today)
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    :) whats bad with hairy!~?

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