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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by MadHatter79, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. MadHatter79

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    I am in a bit of a bind. I can't any more cuttings from friends, my plant is ready for harvest any day now, and I'm not to excited to start seedlings. Soooo.... I removed fully budded (small) cuttings from my plant, did all the cloning type stuff, and now am waiting for them to pick up and root. The problem I see is that there are fatty little buds sitting on the top of each clone and I'm not sure if they willl be able to keep that bud in the air by themselves. Imagine a little kid with a big helmet on. The second problem is that I have been sucking the life out of the big plant by only using water for the last week, so most the sun leaves are yellow or part of a main branch. The only cuttings I could take were from the smaller, underdeveloped stems down below. I manage to get each one with 1-2 SMALL sun leaves, and a lot of little sugar leaves. I added some superthrive to the base water in the tray with humidity dome. I've heard of anti-wilt, so I'm gunna try and track that down. Anyone have an idea of what to do? If anything, this will be a great test to see if it's possible to clone a flowering indica at 60 days flowering. (laughable I know)
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    it will work the cutting will revert back to veg 1-2weeks after roots they will be alright:jointsmile: :jointsmile:
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    What about the helmet head? Should I be concerned? I can't help but laugh.
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    for a couple weeks the clones will look like mutants because when it revert to veg it starts to put out single leafs, but its just appearence it will do fine
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    not saying that it cant be done but you will probably not have a very good success rate at rooting those clones and you may want to start some seedlings now and if you have space should consider keeping a mother plant or plants so you dont have this problem in the future so you will have cuttings available to you at anytime.
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    Rejuvenate the mother?

    Have you thought about removing most of the bud from the mother .....when harvesting ..... leave all the leaves and put her back in veg? That would work .... once she goes back and produces fresh growth you can make lots of clones ....

    .... whatdayathink?:Rasta: :hippy:
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    Well, it's four days since I took the cuttings and only ones that I removed the bud from the top are doing okay. I have been spraying with a diluted superthrive and fox's big grow, as well as put a layer of anti-wilt. I'm guessing a long wait for roots on these. I increased the light output to 6 spiral 65 watt cool blues about 6 inches away. I'll tone it down every now and then so they can adjust. Any advice?

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    That is too late in flower to take clones successfully.
    -rot in the bud due to high humidity
    -additional stress as the plant senses its life is ending-I doubt they will even really root, just croak.

    Better off to reveg and take clones after.

    BTW for everyone who wanted to know what the best cloning medium is, that pic shows rapid rooters and they rock my sox. My cloning setup is identical except thqt i use a heat mat under.
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    The picture of the left side has my olympic hopeful in it. It hasn't lost any leaves, and it is staying green. I did chop it's helmet off first, so it might be said that cutting the bud off helps. Maybe it tells the plant to stop producing a flower and start to veg?
  11. MadHatter79

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    Alright, for all you non-believers... These are the current pics at 9 days. I switched to a heavier superthrive mix and a full feeding of grow big. As you can see, I carefullly removed all the remaining bud. I am leaving the light on 24 hours and added another two 65 watt cool blue spiral bulbs to the four others. That should be around 8000+ lumens.

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  12. bejay

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    still think you would of been ahead if you started seeds but good job on getting it to root, now just the slow process of reveg once you get it reveged to the point you want it you may want to look at how much time has went by and see what you gained by taking clones 60 days in flower instead of starting some seeds.
  13. MadHatter79

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    Welllllll... the deal is that my friend was going to give me cuttings.... so, that didn't happen and I was flushing the plant already. Ed Rosenthol said that flowering plants could be cloned so I tried it. I have bag seeds for back-up right now, but I didn't want to go through sexing or switch breeds. Okay, I'm lazy. =)

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