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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by NiceNEasy, Jan 16, 2005.

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    I'm just about to start my first grow :) but I've got a really small space and wondering what is the smallest height I can bring my plant into flower with, and what size can I expect it to be when it's at a stage for reaping whatever rewards.
    I know it's a little hard to answer as I can't tell you what seed it is (bag seed for a first grow). In the box I have there's about 1.5' room for the plant to grow up.
    Another thing I've been thinking of is putting my light at the side of the plant, rather than above. Does anyone else do this from seeding, and will it make a great difference?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    whats up...wrote about this recently...go to indoorgrowing board....read article
    Cutting tops(pruning) ...posted a few articles on this type of question...good luck!
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    yes put lights around it, above it and in that small space start your flower cycle after about 5 '' look at this little girl its ready for its flowering at 1/2 foot

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    what kind of light are you using? If it is HPS, do you have glass cover on your reflector?
    18 inches to grow and bud a plant... wow... that's tight... that will be a full time job... you will need to check your plants at least twice a day if you are using hps... plants can grow several inches very very quickly.... you'll need to train... train... train..

    send pics if you decide to pull this off... we'd love to see this experiment : )
    good luck
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    I'm using a 125w Envirolight. I thought they were cooler than the others, and so better for a small space. I think I may have picked up a flowering blub by mistake (I was going to buy the red one closer to flowering time) as it says you can touch the white one, but 5 minutes after I trn this one on it's quite hot.
    Bspectral, your plant really gives me a lot of hope for this & yes I will put some pictures up once I get sorted. I'll PM once there's something to show.
  6. NiceNEasy

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    Another quick question for Bspectral. What's the dimensions of your grow area, you may be doing something simular to me?

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