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    :jointsmile: A couple different strains... How early can you flower a non auto- AK48?? How early can you flower a bag seed? What if its only 6 inches tall but has 6 nodes already? Is this normal??
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    i've wondered the same. i got some short bushy plants like that probably under 6 inches with about 7-8 nodes i wanted to ask the same question
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    You can flower whenever you want. Some people give no veg time at all and flower from seed. Some strains don't respond the best to 12/12 from seed but in GENERAL flower whenever you want.

    The more the veg time, generally, the more you'll harvest. Space is the main issue for a lot of growers, thus impacting how long they veg it.

    6 inches and 6 nodes sounds normal. If anything, it sounds very compact. Without pics, hard to tell. :stoned:
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    wow rather than make a WHOLE new thread I was wondering the same exact thing about flowering, Its my second grow (My 1st attempt I grew a HEALTHY AND TALL male:( anyway this time I got 3 plants growing and so far are healthy... So hopefully I can get a female.. BTW its bagseed ...
    Anyway I was wondering if my plants are ready to flower... Im cramp for space.. AS of this post my plants are about 9 weeks from seed... check check check it out!!!

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    Yeah, you could flower now. But if you choose to do so, don't expect very much bud. depending on your setup, and assuming all three are female, I'd say the most you'll get is a half ounce. I vegged my plants till they were about double that size and I'm expecting about an ounce, maybe more like 1 1/2 oz.

    But IMHO, the experience you gain will be well worth the effort. maybe next time you can one up your lighting, or your space, or whatever.

    Oh and btw, next time you SHOULD make your own thread... helps minimize clutter & threadjacking :thumbsup:
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    I waited on posting because there are so many variables.

    IF you are talking using soil, from clones, that have rooted and have had at least a week in a 4 inch pot with humidity and another week to harden off, I say as early as 2 weeks after showing roots from the clone.

    The plant will be short, but in some instances this is good.

    Once the mother is old enough, it has no effect on the quality. Mothers just only get so good and that is it....so it seems to me.

    Conversely, if you let grow up to 6 weeks and get just to your finishing pot, they can be 2+ feet tall unless you top.

    Amount of light, space, air, species, etc, all that stuff makes a big difference.
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    What type of lighting are you using? And how close do you have your lighting to the plants? IMO those are some stretched plants. Also, your stems seems quite skinny. That could be due to genetics but most likely due to not having sufficient ventilation. A lot of growers place fans in their setup to thicken stems while in veg so that they will be able to hold up their buds.

    If nothing changes, expect your plants to stretch 3fold when switched to 12/12.
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    I just finished up a micro grow with AK-48 Feminized. Got 2.25 oz out of one plant taking up roughly a square foot. I had 4 42 W CFL's on the plant pretty much the entire time giving off over 10,000 lumens. two of the bulbs were 2800K and two were 6800K giving a good range of spectrum. I flowered once the plant reached 12" and w/o topping or training at all the top coda reached a little over 3 feet, almost outgrew my box.

    About to start a scrog grow with two plants in a 1.3x1.3 foot area. Only this time I bought a 150 W HPS. If I was able to get 2.25 oz of damn good bud my dealer is selling for $60/eighth out of a CFL micro grow w/o any sort of training. I can't even imagine what I'll get from this two plant, HPS, scrog grow.
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    if you are starting from seed you want to wait until the plant is sexually mature, or it has alternating branches from nodes. if you flower before this you run the risk of having "undercooked" genetics.

    if you are flowering from clone, you can flower as soon as they are rooted.

    good growing!


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    glad to help.

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    in mj botany,it says plants reach sexual maturaty in 6-8wks,but 1 of my plants has pre-flower pistols at 5wks and 1day!!!
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    Different genetics would change the ''6-8 week'' theory for me. Just look at the Auto's popping up now days. Heck, ya just plant water grow and smoke. But yields are taking a hit i think, because people want that bud fast. If your set up isn't set up for perpetual growing, your going to go through dry spells:(

    Plus it seems to me that half the hobby would be gone without a veg period. I love to watch them do there thing:Rasta:
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    do you think putting an 11 inch I.S.F. Autoflower in a 3 ft Phototron which has 3 40 watt top to bottom lights at 9450 lumens. At the top i want to put a 90 L.E.D. UFO Blue and Red spectrum light at the top. Do you believe or see this to speed harvest time up and increase yield for this 11 inch I.S.F. already flowering?The Auto is in a pot.Awaiting your intellegent response.Your track record is good on the info to know.
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    I have a couple that have not 'shown' yet, and they are 2 months old. One I just said the hell with it and put it in flower....female. Second one, same age, still is not showing. Probably is a female, but my point is that the time factor is not set in stone. Each phenotype is different.

    I would like clarification of the statement that putting to flower before showing effects (before it is 'cooked')the product. Pretty strong statement there.

    I do note that usually the first flower cycle isn't of the quality that comes in the next couple before it reaches it's peak, if that is what you mean?
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    well the plant ive had never have shown sex unless i messed with the light hours or somehow the light got shut off as in my first grow i had 3 plants 1 lemon haze clone and two bagseeds the two bagseeds showed sex after my light accidently got shut off one showed hair and the other one droped nuts.....but the female that showed sex just kept budding even under 24 hr light so i just flowered her out....she lasted about 45 daysand i pulled her to smoke needed meds so that grow was a meesly 1/8 but it was better than nothing...:hippy:
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    Let's say you have two plants of same size and strain in soil. Both at 6" (first alternating nodes)
    Put one in the flower room, one you keep in veg until first signs of sex appear, then add it to the flower room.
    Which one will finish faster?
    Which will be the larger healthier plant come harvest?
    Which will grow faster and be less susceptible to stress?
    The one with a longer (proper) veg time.

    Don't sell yourself short.

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