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    Hi Guys

    Hope you can help me with something.

    I currently have 14 plants vegging under 1 x 600w light. im on week 3 just now and they are due to start flowering late next week.

    At the moment im feeding them bio grow / biobizz when needed and my plants have reacted as you would expect..

    My question and apologies if this sounds stupid (this is my first crop) next week when I set my lights onto 12/12 do I continue to feed them bio grow or do I have to change the nutrients because im flowering...

    I have been onto there website and they seem to sell afew similar products to bio grow but dont know if I need them. I do have bloom which someone has advised me to use in the last 2 weeks for harvest.

    I would be so grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.. ive put the link to the product im using just so in vegging

    thanks in advance, Stevie

    :: BioBizz
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    sorry meant too add im using soil thanks again
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    You should start using your bloom nutrients now when you start flowering but before you give them that you should flush all your plants, which is basically giving them lots of plain water which effectively cleans the soil. Slowly introduce the bloom to the plants with a weak concentration then gradually increase. Flush your plants once every 1 - 2 weeks to stop nutirent build up. Don't use your fert two weeks before harvest, thats when you want to stop and start using plain water otherwise your bud will have chemicals in it from the fertiliser..ew!!

    hoppe this helps
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    Thanks for your help. The bloom i've got was purchased by my brother with the intention of using it for hydroponics... I've just read the label of the bloom and it doesn't say if it's specific to hydro or for all all types soil etc, is this something to be careful off or is bloom bloom regardless of how the plants grown?

    Just out of curiousity, is the flowering process triggered by the light going onto 12/12, is it nutierent and the light combination combined? What would happen if I put the lights onto 12/12 and continued feeding them the original nutrient they have had through vegetation, lower yield?

    Sorry for all the questions but i'm just really interested :)

    Thanks in advance guys
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    The 12/12 light cycle starts the flowering process...:thumbsup:

    What you are using will work OK...:)...many growers switch to a 10-30-10 (Nitrogen/Phosphate/Potash)(NPK) flowering mix for 12/12; after about two weeks.
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    Also to add to all the great posts.......

    When in flowering, you want to give it real little N, as to the P and K....You still want your plants to be getting some nitrogen, but not a whole lot! You eventually want to be using little to none as you progress during the flowering process.

    Also helps in getting that chlorophyll out quicker during the drying and curing process! Too much nutes and you will have to deal with more chlorophyll, which CAN (not saying it will) slow the process when you harvest! Also, remember....Flush, flush, flush! ESPECIALLY towards the end!

    Happy Growing! :thumbsup:
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    veg stage

    what fet to feed for them for the vegetation stage?

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