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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 190LT, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. 190LT

    190LT Registered

    wuts up everyone... wondering how long it takes for Skunk 1 to start to flower after switching to 12/12. Its been about 2 weeks... no signs yet.

  2. marijuanamat

    marijuanamat Registered+

    it take about 8-10 weeks to finish properly ,so just sit back and be paitant 190LT and happy harvest when it comes.
  3. 190LT

    190LT Registered

    There isnt even any signs of sex yet.. over 2 weeks in the 12/12 cycle... i thought normally 1-2 weeks you start seeing signs... ill try and post some pics later, the digi cam is broke.
  4. wardrobe grower 78

    wardrobe grower 78 Registered+

    190lt how long did you grow your skunk#1 in veg before puttin onto the 12/12 lights for flowerin?
    they should show soon as ive got super skunk growin that had about 5 weeks veg before putting them on 12/12 on tuesday 6th oct and they started to show sex after 2 days.I killed the males today.Double check to make sure you aint getting any light leaks in the grow space

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