Flowering with a 11/13 light cycle?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sticks&beans, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. sticks&beans

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    Hello all, first post.

    A couple of days ago I switched my plants into flowering. They're on a 11 hour light and 13 hour dark cycle. I'm just using floro lights, and recently feed them MG bloom booster.

    Theres no way I'm oing be bothered to reset the timer to 12/12, it's a major hassle getting to the socket.

    I have one little marijuana bush in a 5 gallon pot, 5 bag seeds, 2-3 weeks old. Smallest plant is starting on it's 4th pair of leafs, biggest is starting on it's 8th or 9th, along with a bushy 12' indica that I resued from outdoors. Six plants in all in the bucket.

    I've never flowerd a plant indoors before, just veg then move out side.

    I have a few questions here..

    Anything I should change with flower such small plants and all?

    Also, I read about growers sitching to the 11/13 cycle the last two or three weeks to boost maturiuty, but it effects the total harvest slightly.

    How long should I flower them since I'm using the 11/13 cycle?

    Most important, about how much bud should I expet total? :jointsmile:
  2. Zeus2007

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    mmm, im not sure but I think youl need a bigger pot for those, Iv got a 4 Gallon pot for 1 plant at the mo- prob a bit big for 1 plant but im guessing 5 Gallon is a bit small for 6 plants. Not sure how easy it would be to transplant them, since the roots might be twisted together etc. I also think that 11/13 cycle means you get less buds but quicker, so if your plants are already small you might want to go with 12/12 to get more out of them.
  3. ProGroWannabe

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    Ahhhh the old "how much should I get, question"....impossible to answer my friend. Just try your best to read a lot of indoor posts and sticky's here. They'll answer your questions faster than posting and waiting for an answer. Good Luck!
  4. sticks&beans

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  5. ProGroWannabe

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    You should only harvest by trichome color. As far as how long....you'll have to just get them going and watch em. You will lose potency if you harvest early.
  6. sticks&beans

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    But if I wait to long, I'll just get a burt out feeling.

    I know I won't harvest as much, but atleast it will prolly make my weed super resiney since the long dark cycles.

    I normally just chop before the frost comes, I don't really get into the hair details. I'm new to indoor flowering but..eh, about 8 weeks sound about right for this?
  7. KHAN

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    Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? 13 hours light and 11 hours dark? As far as I know the plants only do 'so much' in the dark period, more than they need and they will just sit there waiting to get more energy from the light.

    9 Weeks would sound about spot on, not worth growing for 12 weeks and not giving it that extra week with a flush.

    GL m8!
  8. Zeus2007

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    Not sure, I only remember reading somewhere about it- havnt actually tried it myself so you could be right.

    Like ProGro said, harvest time depends on trich colour, they start off clear , then turn milky and then amber, if you dont want the burnt out feeling then chop them when they are mostly milky, not amber. Youl need a cheap 30x microscope for that, cost about $15 or so from Ebay.

    This page shows shows exectly what I mean, excuse the weird url lol
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  9. sticks&beans

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    I was also wondering if I have enuff lights..

    I have 3 compact floros around the pot, I figure that should increase my yeild since the lights directed at the bud sites.

    All of the CFLs are Energy Saver bulbs. One of them puts out 15 watts, and the other two bulbs put out 100 watts each. I also have, hanghing over all the plants, a 2 foot 20 something watt floro tube Grow Light I found at WallMart for $17.

    So It's about 235 watts of floro light on one small bush.
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  10. sticks&beans

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    After lots of research, I decided it was a must to change the timmer. I'm still a little off, it's 12/12 but it gets 15 minutes more light and 15 less darkness.

    Would this change in the light cycle effect anything??
  11. HighTillIDie

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    so i can have a good window for work, i run a 12.5 hour darkness

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