Flowering with fluorescent tubes!?!?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by jon420, Oct 24, 2010.

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    I have been using the search button but cannot find the results I'm looking for. Hope some people here can help.

    I am trying to find out who has had great success flowering with fluorescent tubes (t12's)??? What tubes did you use? How did you aquire the greatest results from the tubes? How close did you keep them to the ladies? Did you use any special nutes for flowering? (I heard Beastie Blooms works great?) Any info on the flowering stage with fluorescent tubes would be very helpful?

    Only 5 plants: (Grow environment is nearly perfect)
    The setup has 12 tube fixtures ranging from 4' to 2' and they cover 360 degrees. Veg is going absolutely great with the fluro's of course but flowering is very soon.

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  3. jon420

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    Thanks for the "log". There were some very interesting threads there. I would still like to hear from some people with personal experience on this matter. Thanks!!!
  4. Dutch Pimp

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    with fluorescent tubes you have to SCROG...period....:)
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    it can be done but in the end you will be dissapointed. t-12's work good for about the first 3 weeks of veg. even with all of those going the buds will be light and airy at best.....even with your "nearly perfect" environment.

    have you ran the space with all the lights on? what are the temps like?

    keep them within 1-3" from the tops of your plants, or sides.

    beastie bloomz is merely an additive to the fox farm liquid trio lineup. you still need base bloom nutes. fox farm is fine, but be careful it runs "hot". there is always organics. there's lot's of good stuff out there, just depends on how much you want to spend. you'd be better suited to get a HID.

  6. jon420

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    Really appreciate the information. What do you recomend I use for lights in flowering then? I want to stay below 500watts and still be able to get enough light to all five plants, plus all around the sides. Not worried about any heat issues, just mainly the electric. The space is 5' by 4' with no height issues. I'm just basicaly looking to see what other people are good results on with less power and little grows?

  7. headshake

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    if you have to go with fluros then t-5s would suit you better. they are smaller in diameter, meaning you can stuff more in a smaller space. they are also more efficient so they don't put out quite as much heat. if you can swing it go with a 400W or 600W HPS.

  8. jon420

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    Thanks again...I would love to go with a HPS 600watt but I've seen much better results when light comes in from top and side. Would it be worth it to buy a couple 150watt HPS's for the sides and a 250watt hps for the top? That would be about 56,000 lumens and still stay cool enough for me. I also figure it's more worth buying the HPS over the T5's, the T5's aren't cheap and the HPS does a better job. Let me know what you think. Thanks!!!
  9. headshake

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    with those 3 lights you get 56,000 lumens, with a 600W HPS you get 85,000-95,000 (depending on a bulb). you are not gonna get anywhere close to the results from 2x 150HPS, 1x 250HPS...or any combinations of t-5s/t-12s in comination with lower wattage HPS'. there is no comparison.

    my bloom lights come on at 7pm (central time). i will take some pics of a plant under a 600W HPS and you tell me you've seen better with any combination of lights (other than large amounts of high wattage HPS'!)

  10. jon420

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    Very interested to see the pictures. Do you see it being possible to flower all the plants with a single 600watt HPS? I'd really like to have light coming from the top and side but I may not be able to. Looking to get the best yeild possible, veg is never an issue. Thanks again!!!
  11. headshake

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    it's been proven time and again that a 600W HPS is the sweet spot for indoor lighting. i'm currently growing monsters. and can fit 3/4 under 1 600W. you just have to make sure to rotate them.

    actually, here are some pics that are about 2 weeks old.


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  12. jon420

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    Very nice plants!!! How long did you veg them? I Only ask because they are short and very full looking. Not complaining at all, the fullness looks like a 3'-4' plant. I may be sold on the HPS 6002att after seeing them. Are you using any type of reflection besides the lid to the light? Thanks!!!
  13. EvilCartman

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    Is the 500 watt cap a wiring issue? It does kind of limit your options.

    These guys are steering you in the right direction. For penetration, the HID is the balls. I've gone from a 400 in a 30" square, to twin 400's in a 48" square, now running a single 1000 in the 48" space. More is better! :D

    If you must stay under the 500 watts, maybe grab a 400 HID, and hang whatever flouro's that you can at the sides. It may not be much, but you can relocate it from day to day, to spread the love around. :)

    Check out some of DTR420's grows. He uses T5's alongside, topped with a 600 HID. Good stuff! :)
  14. jon420

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    Thanks for the advice. How many plants were you able to grow with the single 400watt HPS and did you have any other light source? I can probably get away with the 600watt HPS since its only for the flowering. I would really prefer to be able to use more than one light so I could get light everywhere. Im not sure one 600 watt HPS light will give me a very good yeild with 5 plants. Thanks for the help and keep it coming.
  15. headshake

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    dude, you can flower 5 plants, in 5 gallon containers under one 600W. i don't understand why you think you'll get better results with some other inferior lighting all around. take it from people who have EXPERIENCE! unless you have no other options, ditch the fluros and go HPS, 400W or better. you won't be disappointed.

  16. canniwhatsis

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    I'm running a 400w HPS in a 2.5x4.5x7.5 space with good results, tho my current blueberry natural grow leaves me wishing for some side light! :eek:

    I'm going to be doing SCROG probably from this last blueberry out.


    Pic is my first shot at my blueberry strain, set to flower @ around 18" FInished 27" tall. Finished harvest around 2oz. Pulled a bunch of lower branches right at week 8, then the rest at week 9.

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  17. jon420

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    Thanks a lot, great advice again!!! I'll stick with the fluros for the veg because they seem to work really well but I do believe I will go with the 600watt HPS for the flowering. Do you think reflective walls would make any difference, or just a waste of time???? Sorry I sound like a newbe but I am not use to smaller interior grows, mainly 3000watt grows, lots of ladies, and higher. I have seen some amazing grows over the past 10 years. Thanks a lot for all your help and if you think of anything else, let me know.

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