Flowering with hairs BUT NO THC

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by JerzeeAmbeez, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    I have 2 females about 4 1/2 weeks into flowering (12/12)
    Both are healthy and showing decent size buds covered with white and amber hairs BUT NO THC
    Both have a very light fruity smell with no real sight of resin
    I don't know what strain they are but... I'm wondering if I have done something wrong, I have been trying to increase the THC but using sugar water and nutes but it doesn't seem to work
    I need some advice on what to do?
    *Maybe increase my dark period, Add more nutes,Flush it(if its a lock out), or just time... cause if they are mostly sativa should I just wait... The THC that are on them now looks like they are fading away*

  2. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    They look like they are doing fine. Just way too early yet. Probably another 2 more months.
    What kind of lights are you using?
  3. PharmaCan

    PharmaCan Registered+

    Patience, Grasshopper.

    If you want advice on your nutes, tell us what you are using now. There are nutes you can use to increase bud size.

    And do put some more light on that poor girl - you're on the path to air buds.

    PC :smokin:
  4. dejayou30

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    At 4 1/2 weeks, they should be bigger than that. Are you using HID lights? If not, there's your problem.
  5. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Saying 'no THC' is kinda odd. I think what you mean is no visible trichomes. I've seen that on lines with very weak genetics... the plants that after they finish get tossed in my hash scraps pile. Some strains don't really get a frosty appearance. They can still mess you up but good though. Wait until you get the smoke test done to say it was a failure.
    Your soil looks soggy btw... I think you don't have enough drainage.
  6. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    I use 2 70W hps,100w hps, 2 150w CFL, 3 100W CFL
    I've been using bone meal 4-12-0, garden lime,triple phosphate 0-46-0,Schultz plant food 10-15-10,miracle grow... a bunch of different stuff out of grandma garden, but I dilute it with water a lot of water my ph level is 6.6, I just watered them that day(lol)
    I was hoping it was just cause it kinda early or a long flowering sativa but I don't think so... This strain does seem to suck a lil bit tho my other 2 ladies are covered with "trichomes" the smell is incredible! Like skunky fruit
    But I'll just wait till I smoke some - darn I try increasing the dark period
    Thank you ALL! Stinkyattic,Dejay,Pharma,killer weed,
    I just hope for more "trichomes" and a good high
    Peace, Love, and Happiness
  7. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    Can nute burn decrease THC or the "trichomes"? and will using bong water hurt my plant? I use bong water for increasing my ph level, in my water ph tester its off the scale its royal blue10.0+ .... I don't think it hurts but I WANT TO MAKE SURE
  8. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Don't use bong water. Use pH up/down. And you've got lime in there so you shouldn't have a problem.
    You WILL need to flush that plant though. It's scorchy. Take the drip tray off that pot and slowly pour about 2 gallons of pH 6.7 water through the soil.
    That's quite the fertilizer cocktail...
  9. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    Yeah Stinky, I just started flushing them about 1 day ago(the wet soil pic of girl1).... they had a lil burn... I thought that was a bad idea with the bong water(burnt weed water) but my friend convice me to do it, but it was just a few tbs with a lotta water...
    LOL, I took the drip trays off from last time...remember the dreadful spider mites...lol
    I've f* up growing so much when I was younger that if I put my mind to it, I can tell what I did wrong or what the plant needs from love and feeling...
    Before it becomes a real problem(the spider mites last time killed me tho) But I'm always up for different "crazy" new ideas just to see "what happens"
    We are all chemist... :D
    One day I'll know it get it right! :D
  10. growbe

    growbe Registered+

    Listen to what stinky said. I too have grown a few strains which were crosses of skunk 1 or a form there-of and the buds were very big, had mass amounts of red hairs, but hardly showed any trichs at all. These types of strains will get you high (not a great high), but the taste, smell and bag appeal is not there. And like stinky, I too will not grow them again.
    Give them some time though.
    Bong water? Come on.... I'm not trying to be a jerk, but do some home work and you will find that you probably have something in your kitchen that will help your ph besides using nasty-ass bong water. And keep it simple, you have way to many things going into your plants.
    Peace out all.
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  11. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    you not being a jerk.... The bong water seened like a good idea at the time(I was high) I used it twice(2 TBS) when I added some nutes and a lil egg water to regular water(DON'T TRY) but I always check the ph of the water before I do anything... I found out that the sugar water method( 1Tbs of sugar to a liter) the ph was 6.6-8
    The bong water was stupid idea I admit it,
    As far as all of my grandma nutes I've had them for so long, I have a method that works pretty well
    *I don't fert until each plant is at least 12in tall... I start with standard soil....by 12in they will show slight signs of a def.
    *I changed pots and use Miracle grow soil that does the trick they get really healthy from it
    * Wait two or three more weeks then start the triple Phosphate when I see some pre-flower, I crush the fertz up 1 tsp and use a 2 gallon for 4 plants in large containers, I might used a lil miracle grow plant food( for zinc and other minerals) but about 1/4 of a tsp
    *Wait two weeks add a lil bone meal 1tsp to a 2 gallon and 1 tsp of garden lime for Cal.
    *Wait and see what happens( any def or nut burn)
    *About 1 1/2 weeks later this what I did new this time use Schultz plant food 5 drops per gallon(it says 7 for a liter I don't do that)
    *Flush because by this time I want to make sure there isn't any burn ( might even add a lil lime 1/4 tsp)
    *By this they look real nice* (at least to me) most people use too much...I rather use to little when your dealing with strong shit
    and now that I bought my two testers (water and soil) I know what my ph is....(everyone who grows should get some type of tester, I TEST EVERYTHING, before I add it to the soil)
    From my younger experiences as a grower I know when it's TOO MUCH FERT...i don't even need a ph tester for that... But I'm learning when it is enough
    Where I grew up we used to have a garden in the backyard(Grandma to old now to tend it) but we had...apple,cherry,plum,peach trees,all veggies, blueberry,rasberry bushes,strawberry,watermelon, and of course a grape,pumkin vines, lets not talk about darn flowers roses to herbs.......... but anyway all these fertz were left over after the years, I just figure since they are free and works so well in the garden they should do a hell of a job with WEED.... I just had to find a right way of using them, like I don't even keep the raw minerals in the water I just take the run off water and dilute it with regular water that works well for me...and the weed gets me really high so......:thumbsup:
    But I stop using bong water.... reminds me of the time I used some piss and water and my friends almost killed me... lol it was for N
  12. growbe

    growbe Registered+

    ^^^ And that is key! Everyone should know how to grow veggies, fruit or whatever else before they take on growing weed. Sure you can grow great weed without any other growing exp. but it sure does help.
  13. Subjekt

    Subjekt Registered+


    Thats some smart shit, lol, It's damn near common sense, im sure everyone has done growing before because i did it in my third grade class, that i can remember...my plant was the biggest...forgot what we grew but i took care of it.......but thats funny man, "Learn to grow veggies before weed" that'll help ...

  14. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+


    Aww thanx people I LOVE YOU ALL
    but, my plants are a lot better.... That sugar seems to be have an effect, my buds are looking more dense and the trichomes are showing up better, I also changed the light cycle from 12/12 to 8/16 it only been a few days but I think its working!
    IMAGE_00288.jpg IMAGE_00286.jpg

    OLDJIMMYBONES Registered+

  16. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    And look how they turned out Jimmy, don't worry I Stopped.
  17. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    i dont think taking away 4 more hours of light is gonna be much good. plants love light, and its whats gonna help em grow, not darkness.

    ive never heard of going less than 12/12 or over 14/10 during flowering
  18. Subjekt

    Subjekt Registered+

    Darkness increases the THC :thumbsup: And bud size grows in light :jointsmile: .... But hey who am I, Im stoned now... So If those plants on this post are the age of 4 weeks flowering, then You (JerzeeAmbeez) If you have the patience to let it go 5 more weeks and a extra week of darkness for thc..

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  19. Subjekt

    Subjekt Registered+

    The trick is waiting long enough, waiting for the "right time" to harvest it... It will sure be nice to see how this crop of yours turns out, since it seems your never had the chance to fully grow it out:thumbsup:
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  20. JerzeeAmbeez

    JerzeeAmbeez Registered+

    well there goes that idea I started smoking them already!

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