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Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by Zion High, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Zion High

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    Hows it goin everyone,

    This is my first post so a quick thanks to everyone who set this place up in cyberspace , it rocks.

    2nd I got a question i've been searching for the answer to and haven't find a good fully detailed answer.

    What is the most effective way to fluff up your dryed out - slightly compressed (hopefully) bud...

    Obviously we'd all much rather have some nice fluffy buds instead of super dried out compressed stuff. It'll smoke slower and it wont shake out as quick.

    I've heard of misting your bud with some plain ol h20 and then heating up the mist so that it gets kind of steamy and the buds absorb it.

    Of course you dont wanna over COOK your bud in the microwave on super high or with a flame of some sort but at the same time you dont wanna just get it all soaked ...

    Ideas, facts and all other constructive comments welcome...
  2. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    you can always try the good ol' throw an orange peel in the bag trick.

    just the orange peel, it'll give it a nice scent and it'll also fluff the buds up a little ( put a bit of moisture in the buds, not too much though... bud will make the buds fluffier )

    DON't leave the orange peel in too long, it'll mold...

    i'm not sure how long you should put the peel in for, put it in for a couple hours... and see how it does.

  3. shaggzx

    shaggzx Registered+

    Wrap your buds up in a moist paper towel.
  4. lardman

    lardman Registered+

    :dance::dance::D:DWELCOME ZION:D:D:dance::dance:
    Yes what ozzy said is correct. Putting an orange peel in with your weed can make it more moist and fluffy. I dont know about rapping it up in moist paper towel, i do that for dry clay :D I would really love to see the beautiful bud when it is first harvested. Before all the brutal man-handling that it goes through before it gets to you. STUPID GOVERNMENT, MAKING US PACKAGE OUR WEED IN SMALL PACKAGES, THUS MAKING IT LESS POTENT AND FLUFFY!!! DAMN YEE DEMONS!!

  5. Zion High

    Zion High Registered

    Thanks for the advice and the welcome ...

    The orange peel technique works to a very small degree... It accomplishes giving your bud a better smell more than anything else, other than possible mold and slight fluffing...
  6. Zion High

    Zion High Registered

  7. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    try some peelings of a fruit part from that there aint many ways
  8. Zion High

    Zion High Registered

    sorry guys... I just realized there was a "recreational" forum...

    As far as the fruit peelings go, that is one way of doing it but there is definetly another way have to do with steaming up water around the bud and then letting it dry out... It definetly can be done because i've seen the before and after effects but the guy that didn't is kind of a sketchy prick so , for whatever random reason, he wouldn't gimme the details...

    anyhow thanks for the advice
  9. HighTimeStoner

    HighTimeStoner Registered+

    Before I take the time to fully answer your question you answer me this.
    What amount are we talking?
    Are you buying bricks and wanna fluff them for looks?
    Is it a 1/4 of pressed and you just wanna fluff it?
  10. ShamanicHippy

    ShamanicHippy Registered+

    well we just throw ours in the sauna on low power and throw a bunch of water on the rocks so that it gets nice and steamy. that usually works well
  11. motahead

    motahead Registered+

    use a hairdryer and an afro pick..
  12. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

    hahah afro pick lol

    from afroworld
  13. BlueCat00

    BlueCat00 Registered+

    LMAO funny :D
  14. Zion High

    Zion High Registered

    Its a couple ounces of slightly compressed Mids... they're really green, somewhat crystally - however they're somewhat flat do to the slight compressing but they easily pull apart as individual Budz - but they are also a bit dry... I dont wanna fluff JUST for looks however the better they look wouldn't hurt.

  15. heavymetal101

    heavymetal101 Registered+

    tell us how it goes ^^ LOL
  16. HighTimeStoner

    HighTimeStoner Registered+

    The best method is lightly sparying with water and microwaveing for a few seconds 10-20(depending on microwave). You will want to test your maicrowave if you havent ever done this I recommend 5 second intervals.
    Some will say thats bad but let me explain why it isnt.
    THC is what stones you it evaporates at 200 degrees, not 195 not 198 but 200.
    Nuking for 10-30 seconds will never raise your herb even close to that temp.
    Adding in fruit peels like these people are talking about is more for moisture control and less for fluffing.
    After you fluff I would recommend a potato cut in half if its bad dry.(potatoes offer the best moisture but may also give the herb a funky smell if left in to long)
    Orange peels are best if its just slightly dry or to just maintain a certain moisture.
    After you get the herb where you want it vac packing or placing in freezer is a great way to keep your herb fresh.
    I hope this helps you out some.
  17. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    i donno if someone said this alerady, im too lazy to read them all. but put all the weed in a bag, and keep it open. and then get a jar and put in some orange peels or apple slices, and put the bag in the jar so that the outside of the bag is sitting on the peels or whatever. and put the top on the jar and keep it like that for about an hour. the reason i said the bag in the jar is cuz u dont want to have the peels touch the bud or else it'll mold.

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