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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by turksteelman, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. turksteelman

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    What would cause buds to be fluffy? Did I go wrong with my nutrients along the way? They were harvested about 7 days ago. I hung them in the closet with an oscillating fan moving air around the closet. The humidity in the house is around 27%. They are dry as a bone. Will these buds ever compact during curing?

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  2. clovisman

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    density is created while growing- curing will not ad any mass-next year watch your nutes and use molasses- the molasses really works- my buds are much heavier after using- smoke and enjoy what you have
  3. Land of Drought

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    Turk Be glad u have Bud man ya Dig.....Fluffy and problem?...wasit a sativa plant?...
    That could explain only Indica get real dense buds,,,so im reckoning it was mainly a sativa..
    Like i said do Be glad uve Buds...

  4. PharmaCan

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    Insufficient light can cause airy buds. Did you have enough light on your plants?

    PC :smokin:
  5. stinkyattic

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    Looks like you had heat problems in there.

    Airy buds can be caused by:
    -Sativa genetics
    -Excess N
    -Light leaks
    -Any combination of these.

    Judging by the shrivelled, yellow leaves attached to those buds, I'm gonna go with heat.
  6. turksteelman

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    Thanks everyone. 400W HPS Soil grow, used molasses the last few weeks before harvest. There were heat issues the whole grow. Temp was usually 85-87. I will definitely prepare better next time. This was first grow. Got 3.3oz on 3 plants. 2 Indica and one Indica/Sativa hybrid.
  7. turksteelman

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    By the way, I want to thank StinkyAttic and everyone else on the forum for the help along the way. Most of us couldn't do this if we didn't have the guidance of the "Experts". Thanks

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